Mother / Daughter Issues in the Patriarchal Paradigm

If the social norms of female-to-female dynamic in our modern day culture were ascribed by old-fashion patriarchal benefits, it would likely disbenefit women. Because the patriarchy represents white-male total authority, I could see why disadvantaging the natural tendencies of other group-parties, such as a women’s emotional intelligence being a form of intuition, is portrayed as woo-woo, weird, skeptical, different, hysterical because it gives them power.


So if women fighting and bickering back and forth is socially acceptable, we have to ask why. Who is this social norm advantaging? Definitely not women!


Not to mention, mother-daughter relationships, or how about a blood-sister relationship, these can always improve even if we are blessed to have more highly evolved relationship with them. So if my mother carries this legacy with her relationship with women, it will be surely passed down to me.


On some level, if we have disconnected from our mother’s and sister’s, it is surely showing up in our relationships with women. In the midst of figuring out how to deal with female contention, at a young age, we would have had to learn in order to psychologically survive, how to manifest our energy with such a female.


But fortunately I was also raised by my Abuelita (grandmommy in Spanish). My grandmother an angel who so easily forgave, loved, and laughed. She also passed on this wisdom to me and I feel I must use her teaching to with my mother-dynamics!


Look at it this way in your own life, if your grandmother represents the culmination of wisdom she so graciously acquired inevitably for you with each day of her whole life.


This dynamic of feminine energy represents heart/breast/care/concern/craft/wit/witch/wisdom and her energy be so fertile she shall be lifted like wind herself.


We shall be wind with one another, and lift high all women! Because together it is easier to rise.


The tribulations of your mother dynamic-consciousness will inspirit themselves in your relationships with women who may display similar subconscious traits to your mother.


Address these mother-daughter concerns within yourself now. Now is the opportunity to rid yourself of such a curse, let your mother go, let her go with a tear of joy and forgiveness. Embrace this moment of considering to let go of the demon, figurative for the situation in itself – not your mother! Embrace her heart, her soul, her best-self. Cleanse and chant this however it comes to you. But do it.


At least for myself, I have always portrayed that I am an invincible, boss-bitch to my mother, like a cold and dirty badass bitch because I always felt she was trying to take me down with her own trivial tendencies. So I always have to prevail, to weaken her scheme. So in some way she made me the strongest version of myself. And for this I am grateful forever. Has it been brutal learning this lesson, hell to the f*** yes!


You are a significant piece of woman’s pie. Your unmet mommy issues will never be fulfilled by other women. Only by yourself. You really have to be your own mother and play both parties for yourself (mommy and daughter in one). Even if it is in your own head that you conceptualize or dramatize how the scenarios in real life symbolize your inner-mommy and your inner-daughter. No, this will not make you psychopathic – you have already been projecting these roles unconsciously onto other women. You might as well consciously play both roles yourself and play them right!



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