Empower Your Yoni

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Embrace Orgasmic health

Creating your power as a woman is a lifetime endeavor that requires continuous intention and effort. Orgasmic living is the experience of fulfillment, no matter what we are doing. It is having confidence in your feminine power and knowing that this divine energy is in alignment with your greatest purpose!

At the expense of their relationships and their own mental, physical and spiritual health, many women in American society have been conditioned to distort, block, suppress, misunderstand or forget the essence of their feminine sexual nature and to feel guilty and, at best, ambivalent about its full expression.

Consistent with the highest principles of spirituality, our aim is to teach women the truth about their feminine sexual nature and when and how to release and use it to achieve healthy relationships and mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

During the workshops and private one-on-one Skype sessions, women and men are provided with a tantric practice such as Lingam or Yoni Breathing. On this path to enlightenment, this powerful energy blossoms into your orgasmic joy.

How Does it Work?

When we begin to shift from a place of damaged or closed feelings, to a place of rich and expanded orgasmic-openness, we literally expand our consciousness to experience more light and connection in all our relationships! Our bodies then realign themselves to produce the juicy hormones that give us an exhilaration of pleasure and fulfillment!

These immune-boosting hormones heal and harmonize us within, creating restoration of our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When these effortless shifts occur through orgasmic practice (such as Yoni Breathing and/or the Yoni Egg) our Spirit bounces in reverence, love, and bliss. Our newly reawakened

Orgasmic Vitality for Goddesses