Yoni Yoga with a String

Practice advance Yoni Egg techniques, such as the ones that follow once you feel you have an overall general control over the Yoni Egg’s movement—typically two to twelve months of regular practice. An advanced Yoni Egg practice includes a safe string, such as organic hemp string; a drilled Yoni Egg; and a large, drilled Yoni Egg (preferably Jade for its hardness). The direction in which your egg is drilled is not relevant; sideways or horizontally drilled eggs can both be used effectively.

Step by Step Practice

Organic hemp wick coated in beeswax is the ideal string to use and is readily available online for cheap. Hemp is super strong, and beeswax is a delicate disinfectant that is antibacterial and antimicrobial for the vaginal lips.

The prepping of the Yoni Egg steps that follow can be used for any Yoni Egg practice that involves a string and can be adjusted for non-drilled practice.

Step 1: Tie a knot at the tip of your egg. Try to tie the knot so the knot is at the tip of the egg. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Step 2: When time comes to inserting your egg, insert the knotted part of the egg last, so the string is facing the vaginal exit.

Step 3: Think about why you are using a Yoni Egg. Insert your egg slowly with these visualizations.

Step 4: Squeeze your vaginal muscles to wake them up (as if holding your urine—gripping your PC muscles).

Step 5: Pull the string as you clasp onto your Yoni Egg using only your vaginal muscles. Notice whether your Yoni is gripping more firmly than your pull. A fellow Yoni Egg practitioner, calls it “playing tug-of-war with your Yoni.”

Step 6: Get a sense of your vaginal strength against your arm. Try to intricately feel which portions of your vaginal canal you are squeezing. Is your pelvis tilted a certain way? Where are you squeezing from?

Step 7: Try relaxing the dominant muscles in your vaginal canal. See if you have control over how you relax this Yoni muscle out of tension. Let go of the contraction through relaxation.

If it is a challenge to relax the Yoni muscle out of a contraction or squeeze, then refrain from doing weight lifting, because it may worsen the potential tightness that exists in your Yoni. Instead, focus on slow Yoni breathing and exhaling deeply when leasing the contraction.

Erotic Dance

This is my favorite advanced practice because it is the most sensually stimulating. My video on YouTube, “Erotic Dance with a Drilled Yoni Egg,” describes this practice visually, and I suggest you check it out! You will want to make your string at least ten inches in length to allow mobility of your body and hands during this erotic exercise.

While wearing your drilled Yoni Egg inside and allowing the string to hang out, thrust the string forward to pull the egg. This practice helps unify strength building, sensual hip motion, and Yoni breathing. As you pull the egg in any direction, you are thrusting your hips in that same direction. For example, as you simultaneously pull your egg down and forward, you are erotically gliding your hips forward.

Next, incorporate your inhale and vaginal squeeze for Yoni breathing. As you inhale, simultaneously grip your Yoni, pull your egg with the string, and thrust your hips in the direction you pull. Incorporating all these steps at once will become second nature and very orgasmically invigorating the more you do this. Actually, this specific practice is best to do before lovemaking to get your body, breath, and Yoni ready.

Essentially, you are Yoni breathing while pulling the string in sync to your inhale, vaginal grip, and hip motion. Therefore when you exhale, release your grip and release the pull of the string. Below are the steps to make this advanced practice easier to understand.

♥  Step 1. Inhale, vaginal grip, pull string forward, sensually move hips forward.

♥  Step 2. Exhale, release grip, release string, sensually move hips back.

♥  Step 3. Repeat.