Women’s Sexual Health Conference

When I was a junior in college I was a bad ass Yoni Egg distributor, business owner, author, workshop facilitator, and thought-leader in the Yoni movement. I was constantly trying to learn the dynamics of sacred sexuality and applying it to my practice and teachings.

One day I found on my Google searching a women’s sexual health conference in Scottsdale and I got my ticket right away.  It was mainly a medical conference of gynecologists, OBGYNs, nurse practitioners, pelvic floor therapists, neurologists, and more.

I  recently returned from my fifth female sexual health conference. Usually, women receive the Yoni Egg information well and are excited to learn more. But this time, one gynecologist came up to my table and laughed saying, “please take a picture of me in front of your table”. Although I allowed it, I knew something cynical was behind her motive. So I asked her, “what do you think about Yoni Eggs?” and she said she has heard mixed reviews so she wasn’t leaning toward any one side. I asked her what kind of reviews she had heard and she referenced the popular gynecologist who ranted against Goop’s Jade Eggs, saying they were porous and therefore unsafe to use. I told her I heard of that rant and that only a gemologist can speak on whether Jade is porous and that all the gemologist who have inspected our Jade confirm it is 100% non-porous and therefore cannot absorb liquid and is hygienic and safe to use.

Another physician came up to my table and was immediately combative with me saying I had no scientific research saying Yoni EGgs help women. I told her that I have personally survey’s and interviewed thousands of women and that 75% or more of them confirm feeling more sexual desire, vaginal orgasm, increased wetness, and even self-confidence. She told me that was not scientific evidence and seemed upset in her demeanor.

Nonetheless, 84% of 151 women who responded to our online survey about Yoni Eggs agree that the medical industry should offer them as a holistic alternative.

One of the physicians suggested that I measure pelvic floor strength in regards to using a Yoni Eggs to help display their functionality. I know that Yoni Eggs do way more than just create vaginal strength – although this is important, they have offered many women the spiritual side of understanding their sexual energy and how to harness it for their empowerment.

Yoni Eggs have helped women either menstruating or giving vaginal birth more epically because instead of the fear of being disconnected to their body, they are able to fully feel their circuit system and consciously direct their energy as needed, usually in a big orgasmic surrender that helps their beautiful blood or child exit with a conscious flow and enter the world with more pleasure and self-awareness.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Sexual Health Conference”

  1. this is why so many women have suffered needlessly over the years with gynecological problems – because doctors don’t listen to women’s experiences 🙁 even in the face of thousands of women stating “this is happening” doctors just don’t listen. consider hormonal birth control; countless women have talked about it making them feel depressed but doctors don’t consider that true real side effect. but as soon as the men in the current study for men’s hormonal birth control stated mood effects they were ready to scrap the whole thing!

  2. I have noticed that the medical industry is not truly concerned with the whole person. In the grand scheme of things, they have just excepted the mental health field. The industry is only concerned with the physical person and how to affect change medicinally. If they can’t scientifically show definite change through graphs and charts, then it’s not happening. You can’t monitor with a chart that I feel more confident with my body and my husband and I are closer because of the yoni egg experience. But that is the truth.

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