Why is Sexual Discipline Essential to my Yoni Egg Practice?

Why is Sexual Discipline Important for my Yoni Egg Practice?

Sexual discipline is important for your Yoni Egg practice because otherwise the sexual energy cultivated can take you over. Using a Yoni Egg means you are pumping more blood-flow to your Yoni, which leads to a greater libido and vaginal lubrication. You will feel and taste juicier than before you used a Yoni Egg.

Feeling this amount of sexual energy for first time can be like handing matches to a child – it is dangerous. Sexual discipline is therefore important for women who use Yoni Eggs, as you may feel the awakening of your sensual energy again and it be a surge of motivational energy you will have to gear towards a greater purpose.

In Tantric tradition, sexual energy is viewed as animal energy, an energy to be trained for one’s benefit. Because you are investing hours, months and likely years into your a sacred Yoni practice, such as the Yoni Egg practice, this increases the quality of your Yoni and your experience with her. Therefore, anyone you share her with must be of upmost quality themselves in the sense of being able to recognize and respect your Yoni energy.

For example, do you already have an emotional connection first with this person first? By developing an emotional and non-physical connection first with someone first before you share your sexual energy. This way you can take your time to gauge a person you want to be intimate with and assess if they are worthy of receiving your sacred Yoni energy first.

Your Yoni energy is arguably the most powerful and valuable energy on the planet. Without it we would not have a human species, not to mention the miracle of pleasure and regeneration she offers those she loves. Using sexual disciple with your Yoni demonstrates a level of care and concern you have for your wellbeing and Yoni power. I’ve been using the words energy and power interchangeably in this article.

As mentioned before in previous chapters, years of Yoni Egg practice will create physical and sexual transformation in your Yoni’s receptor sites. This magical energy is very powerful and must be used wisely only with those who invest into her wellbeing, whether it is through their love, patience, and presence. Those who show any disrespect at all to your Yoni’s energy must be re-evaluated as to whether they should be recipients of her power.

Sexual discipline inevitably gives you the power to select and choose who you wish to build with. Limiting your sexual exchanges will give you more leverage power with your Yoni and that is an area you should be self-centered about, because your Yoni’s energy is reproductive and multiplies.

Use your sexual arousal during meditation when accomplishing a task, the feeling of success in association to your desires brings them into the present more for you. Be gentle on yourself and do not judge yourself if you have shared your Yoni Eggs with multiple partners, you do not have to “re-tire” them, you can simply place them in your plants or generative place, like a window.

This way of meditative sensual discipline is to use your creative power wisely and with focus. You are going to get aroused, do not suppress it, deal with the desire and feed it in a direction where you can grow, maybe it is how sexy you will be as a lawyer, mother, actress, wife, author, see the location, maybe a beachfront fantasy if you are trying to move to this location, see it now when you are aroused and targeting a goal.

And of course, do not ejaculate, but “edge” which is maintaining an erect penis without ejaculating, this way you can run that extra mile that day and perhaps the next.  If you are with a woman who is using Yoni Eggs, she may stimulate you too much and you will have to build up to really going progressively deeper each time, this will actually stimulate her to another level, as well. She will want it more from you, unless she is attempting to master her sexual energy.

Women can grip, pull, suction, and grasp, more powerfully with Yoni Eggs and therefore during sex it is very intense for most men, only those who have sexual disciple can handle such a powerful Yoni, she will be disappointment if she is climbing the latter of orgasm and he ejaculates too soon, or before she can communicate what she is with her Yoni to him.