What all Yoni Egg beginner’s should know…

The Yoni Egg should be worn as often as possible and with regularity, especially if you are a beginner, which can be defined as not having full volition or control over your Yoni Egg’s movement. The point of the Yoni Egg practice is to gain full autonomy over your vaginal muscles so that you can control the energy movement in your womb and beyond.

If you have not fully cultivated this autonomy, then wear your Yoni Egg daily, with the exception of your menstrual cycle (explained more in a later chapter) and when you are charging your crystal. If you are postmenopausal and no longer have a menstrual cycle, check out the menstrual cycle chapter to review the new moon ritual as an opportunity to refrain from using your egg.

Of our Yoni Egg users surveyed from our online survey, 43 percent reported being able to consciously manipulate their Yoni Eggs inside their vaginal canals. If you have gained vaginal volition, then daily use is not the concern; in this case, it would be learning vaginal manipulation with two Yoni Eggs or even three, as well as advancing in practices discussed later in this book.


Your Yoni Egg will come out typically during bowel movements, and it is suggested you rinse it off and either put it back in to continue your practice or charge it in the sun, moon, or breeze before later putting it back in. With all these exceptions of not wearing your Yoni Egg, you will be wearing it about 75 percent of the month.

Embracing your Yoni Egg practice on a day-to-day basis is what cultivates long-term results. This concept of day-to-day use of your Yoni Egg has been established by the thousands of women who have instilled the results they desired by daily using their Yoni Eggs.

Of the thousands of women I have mentored in their Yoni Egg practice, most if not all have felt some positive experience, such as their first vaginal orgasm, restoring a broken heart, healing sexual trauma, becoming grounded, conceiving their first child, curing an eating disorder, soothing menstrual pain, and even overcoming insomnia through becoming reconnected to their bodies and embracing the internal effects that come with regularly using Yoni Eggs.