Vaginal Laser (“Rejuvenation”) Surgery

The Red Table Talks have been very healing for me. I recently saw the one of Jada chatting with WIll’s ex-wife. That was powerful and very emotionally moving to witness!!

I am so grateful for this series of tri-generational conversation.

However, I believe the only reason women get “vaginal rejuvenation” which is laser surgery, is because they don’t know that shock-trauma is not necessary to endure for a tight pussy!!!

Using Yoni Eggs does not require surgery and they are very pleasurable to use, while making you tighter, wetter, and feeling more orgasmic – all facts that YOU all offered us during our many survey studies of your Yoni Egg journeys πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So, you really may not know that the vaginal trauma of burning a layer of your pink tender tissue and scarring it with sometimes no results achieved, happens when doing vaginal laser surgery.

Also, you may not know about the breach of consent that happens regularly behind medical doors such as refusing a medical procedure or to simply just “stop”.

Yoni Eggs are 100% based on the woman’s daily consent to use them for herself, and by herself, if she feels it necessary. Most women feel an immediate difference and fall in love with their Yonis all over again <3