Is the ideology of Trump as president leading men?

I am not here to polarize the present-day extremes. But I am seeing this present-day political system differently. I feel inclined to share the symbolism of our leaders and what they represent.

The role of the president is one that is sacred, it is a macrocosm to what we, the people want.

A lot of men follow me on my channel and I have gotten to know many of them through my survey research about porn addiction. I finally just felt compelled to share what I see and feel.

With today’s booming women’s movement, the reality is that a lot of men do not know their role within this movement. Hear me out, men are just not use to being second in society, in the sense of not having full power and control over their women and children. Although it is obviously necessary for there to be respect for women, some men just feel weaker and even less masculine. It is not a coincidence that most men – literally most men are addicted to porn.

Some men, although they may be GREAT men are cannot be sexually turned on with a man feeling less empowered. I’m sure many feminists may read this and get infuriated more. Like “come on men, you should be attracted to powerful, bad-ass women” – true! But it just is not the case. These men represent wanting to get stronger.

Many modern, American men saw Trump’s narcissism as a hyper-masculine and felt empowered again.  Check out Jordan Peterson, Elliot Hulse, and Joe Rogan’s views on Trump. For example, I appreciate how Elliot, is talking about the shadow that exists in this political system. Trump represents the shadow aspect in men, in other words, that part of them that wants a strong alpha male to lead them

I am feeling a hidden pain from their perspective, modern, American men. Women, let us stimulate that masculine aspect in them, providing them appreciation, honor, and respect in order to feed what they are getting from Trump’s hyper-masculine leadership.

I apologize if I may be overgeneralizing men’s feelings and views here but I had to shine a light on it. Its true not all men abuse power to over-compensation their insecurities. But regarding if Trump’s representation – an abuse of power – is being relegated to men’s overall insecurity, look at Justice Kavanaugh’s hearing, we need to be honest with what the bigger message is and why it is happening in society now.


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