Is Trump’s ideology leading men?

I am not here to polarize the present day extremes.

But I am seeing this present-day political system differently.

I feel inclined to share the symbolism of our leaders and what they represent.

The role of the president is one that is sacred, it is a microcosm to what people want and vote for.

A lot of men follow me on my channel.

I finally just felt compelled to share what I see and feel.

Just like us, Goddesses, these men represent wanting to get stronger.

Intellectually and physically…

Check out Jordan Peterson, Elliot Hulse, and Joe Rogan,

We, as women shall come together too.

I appreciate how Elliot, is talking about the shadow that exists in this political system.

Trump represents this shadow regarding men wanting a strong alpha male to lead them

I am feeling a hidden pain from their perspective.

Let us hold them up because being targeted by their unconscious masculine energy.

For example, I was targeted by a powerful male

Without me knowing, he intentionally targeted me because I was disproportionally less powerful than him in a systemic way.

For example, when we decided to go our own ways, he wouldn’t let me go. He coerced a three contract and gag-order.

So I realized I may have potentially overspoken but the essence remains the same. I apologize if I overgeneralized men its true not all men abuse power or have the proclivity to do so. But regarding if Trump’s ideology (abuse of power) is being relegated to the c0nsciousness of all men, that it’s okay to get away with it. Look at Kavanaugh.


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