The Superbowl’s Sexies Latinas

So some Americans are saying that the Superbowl halftime show with Shakira and Jlo was too explicitly sexual. Are you kidding! Latin culture naturally embraces sexuality. Look at how we pronounce our language and role our R’s…rrr and how we traditionally dance when having fun in our home parties. One thing you will always see at a Latin’s house party is dancing! Not grinding, dancing!

Salsa is all about sensually courting your partner in a manner that allows the man to lead the women and for the woman to follow in order to make the dance function and flow harmoniously – beautiful and so proud of my culture. Plus our food is typically stereotyped as being hot and spicy even by other cultures. Our culture embraces our firey side and we are proud of it.

As a Latina myself, our sexuality is who we are, and even further any woman, whether Latina or not has a right to express her sexuality and not ashamed of it. New age Puritans are offended at this halftime show because they themselves have had to live a life of shame regarding the full expression of their life-force energy their sexuality and seeing powerful women, let alone sexually expressive women makes them feel uncomfortable that they had to live this way.

Ever been to Colombia or Cuba, be prepared to engage in street flirting, in fact, my culture made me stronger at firing back in a sassy way to salacious men in public without fear and without anger towards their desire of what I represent to them, a sexy woman. I would things like, “Not today boys” while laughing in Spanish or something to this effect with a smile and pep in my step.

Do not feel like you need to walk in shame of your natural beauty and radiance to comfort to antiquities Puritanical culture that denies pleasure of all kinds in order to be accepted by their god. Not here, and not me, not you either if you choose your feminine empowerment.

I remember when I was in Miami with a circle of firecracker women some of them were mortified at being seen in public at a sexy Yoni Yoga event with other women. You know, although I felt the public gazing at us as well, I told them that the fact that people are staring at us actually makes us more influential. Like we should show them how real women embrace their breath, their Yoni, and their sisterhood.

Them telling me about their shame in our circle made me want to turn up the heat, even more, to challenge them to be vulnerable and powerful at once! You can do the same with me at this year’s private and intimate female ejaculation class where only other women will be present in the circle.

The sad part about being sexually shamed is that it literally has a physiological response in our Yoni. When feeling shame of any kind we actually contract our vagina like in a fight or flight mode where our urethra and vaginal sphincter contract and restrict blood flow from entering, which means less oxygen and hormonal nutrients, it just throws everything off! That is why I crafted our sacred Squirting Class for this Spring Equinox in 2020, to help us learn how to counterbalance these shame-effects on our body so we can continue being sensually empowered!



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