The Demonization of Female Sexual Power

Women, equal to men, are inherently sexual beings. The nature of having genitalia, again whether male or female, is the emblem of our congenital nature. In some cultures, such as the ones in northern Africa and now parts of Europe and the UK women are being clitorally castrated, an antiquities practice, known as female genital mutilation (FGM).

These cultures obsessively fear women will be sexually promiscuous if their vagina is left uncut. Promiscuity for them is not just women who are unrestrained, but women who enjoy sex with their husband, something you shouldn’t do unless you want to be beaten in the name of being a decent, asexual woman.

I argue that the demonization of female sexual expression is what has legitimized female sexual violence for thousands of years. However, unfortunately, today nearly 10,000 women a day are clitorally castrated before the age of 12 on “family vacations” where village elders are hired to cut women’s clitoris, labia, and sometimes sew them shut.

Obviously, many young girls don’t make it because they bleed to death or get infected by the dirty broken glass used to cut them. You can donate now if you want to help eliminate this practice for good! There are many organizations whose mission it is to end FGM too. Donating to any of them is helpful!

With over 8,000 nerve endings, double then the male penis, women’s genitalia is literally genius for feeling sexual energy and impregnating it into life.

As opposed to it being seen as a feminine virtue, women’s inherent magnetism is seen as wrong and deviant. We cannot cut out a woman’s sexual magnetism even if her clitoris has been castrated. The women who I have been privileged to meet who have been victimized by FGM are still magnetic in their own way and their appeal is even greater because of their story.

Interestingly, the opposite is true of women who deny their inborn sexual qualities. Their magnetism is almost nonsexist. Rejecting their feminine charm or sensuality has historically developed real physiological blockages that lead them to health issues such as, but not limited to urinary tract infections, fibroids, chronic menstrual cramps and clumps, dryness, vaginal numbness, pain, vaginismus, unnecessary cesarean births, endometriosis.You might as well embrace your female sexuality! 

Taylay Harris, Australian sports superstar, did this as she kicked a soccer ball in a tremendously powerful fashion that required her to open her legs and execute with force and success. The trolls immediately sexually demonized her. As you can see from the men who have kicked the soccer ball in the same open split as Harris, like Brenden Favola are celebrated for their sport’s ability, as they should be! We need women to be too!

I believe that to be a sexually empowered woman means you are embracing your inherent feminine magnetism and therefore drawing in even more power and potential to yourself. Only bad-ass women are called out for being powerful and we are still, unfortunately, getting comfortable with the idea that women can be both empowered and sexually alluring at the same time while it being okay! Goddesses, we are still squirting through that glass ceiling, make the breakthrough pleasurable and empowering for all women.

16 thoughts on “The Demonization of Female Sexual Power”

  1. Great article I had no idea that still 8000 women per day are being mutalated and abused still that’s almost 3,000,000 women a year? It’s rediculous… Similar to the way they have segregation white proms and black proms still in some parts of the U.S it’s absurd and definitely needs to be stopped. Thanks for writing this and keeping us tapped in. 🌴❤️🤙🏼🥥🙏🏼👸🏻🥚

  2. We need to stand up for our sisters around the world who are being subjected to FGM. We also need to stand up to the media who are ‘demonising’ women’s sexuality! Perhaps a ‘me too’ style of campaign is needed?

  3. I love this image and her power! Maybe the complainers should have given her longer shorts, like they do with male athletes. They wouldn’t have anything to bitch about if they weren’t exploiting her body to begin with.

  4. I completely agree with you about us needing to stand up for fellow females being subjected to FGM, it is nothing short of torture.

  5. Thank you for your comment. Covering with longer shorts just covers the problem. the problem is the demonization of female sexual power and how it represents itself such as in these images. The resolution is to embrace female sexual power and not haters.

  6. I love you for your work and dedication to unveiling the social ills that stagnate the progression of universal law, love and peace. You are a vessel of balance influencing and sparking enlightenment in those who are ready to contribute to the spiritual and emotional shift it will take to be our true and full selves on this planet. Please continue to affirm the beauty in feminity and masculinity as we can’t have one without the other. Not only are they compliments of beauty but are intricate elements that make up everything in existence. When they are not balanced our world will plumage into a spiral of pain, displeasure, and destruction. Female genitalia mutilation is a manifestation of fear/control. A phenomena that has been resurfacing perpetually around the world. Why? Lack of self knowledge. Lack of overstanding our full divine powers as spiritual beings on this planet. But nothing lasts forever in this finite realm of reality. Everything always eventually comes back full circle with the flow of people like you in place to remind us of our choice to be complete unto ourselves. I give thanks for the discussion.

  7. Goddess Jinaki, thank YOU for posting your thoughts, nothing does last forever and that is real, we gotta love now or else we die and we leave our legacy. I am grateful for Nipsey’s, he really did inspire me to keep moving forward despite this horrible situation. Recently initiated a Goddess into the Yoni Egg business who experienced FGM. Sending YOU love and light!!

  8. I didn’t know this mutilation was still practiced. It’s not talked about and if it were the mentality is still to sweep it under the carpet. Time to talk and time to change. Genital mutilation is wrong and unless operation is necessary shouldn’t be practiced; may penalties be made and very strict to imply our message.

  9. I have heard about this several times; but I have turned my back because I nor anyone I know are experiencing this. It is time to check myself.

  10. Thank you for putting articles like this up, we often forget about the terrible practices of FGM. This also makes me think of how women in a lot of the countries that participate in FGM don’t have proper menstrual supplies. It’s like everything involving their vagina is being demonized, it’s really heartbreaking.

  11. Sexual mutilation is still practiced! Even here in the United States! We need to push education and more awareness about this huge problem that affects us all! This is so wrong on many level that we need to shift our focus on the cultures where women are oppressed just for being women. I pray for us all.

  12. Hi, I just donated. Thank you for bringing awareness to something that would otherwise be swept under the rug. I’m grateful to be part of a community so willing to shed light on matters such as the ones mentioned in this article. Much love.

  13. Loveeee everything you share and do for WOMAN 😍 KEEP BEING THE BEAUTIFUL QUEEN YOU ARE!!! 👑💃🏽

  14. Who knew that so many women were still being shamed to this day from enjoying pleasure even with their husbands and furthermore that the price is often a young life. It’s soooo true that we must embrace our natural feminine magnetic energy and within that is healing. Having that support system of divine feminine around primes the environment and creates access to new dimensions, hence more access to healing.

  15. Thank you for an awesome and very informative article. We need more awareness on this issue to save young women and girls of being robbed of their right to be beautiful and whole and the sexual beings they want to be. It’s so terribly sad that almost from day 1 men have been projecting their base fears and desires upon our kind making us to suffer for ‘lack of control’ and promiscuity when they are the ones who need to learn self control and to stop with their foolishness caused by their fear of WOMANHOOD. Love and Light Goddess!

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