Stretching before Yoni Egg Yoga

Yoni breathing while stretching generates orgasm. Incorporating a complementary practice, such as Yoni Breathing, or Yoni Yoga, will create results. Yoni breathing naturally helps labor because women must be connected to their Yoni’s emotional muscle responses in order to optimally manipulate the birth.

Yoni breathing involves conscious vaginal contractions, such as the contraction you do to hold your urine. These are your PC muscles that hold your urine. Squeeze your vaginal muscles the best you can and attempt to contract consciously. Next, try inhaling in sync with this conscious contraction. Now let go of the contraction as you exhale. That is a Yoni breath!

It is suggested to begin your Yoni breathing practice gently and allow your breath to guide your vaginal squeeze. Yoni breathing is best to do while standing outside in nature. As long as you maintain a rhythm between your inhale and exhale, your Yoni gripping will promote that oneness that is cultivated between you and your Yoni.


Step 1

Think about your intention for using your Yoni Egg. What energy do you wish to impregnate within it? Open up your heart like it is a portal to your Yoni. See this intention as beautiful white light; inhale this intention slowly for about five seconds.

Feel the universe’s power steep in your Yoni. Feel your Yoni pull this energy deeper into your womb. Feel this electrical energy flow through any dormant areas of your body and consciousness.

Step 2

Grip your Yoni and receive the breath you just inhaled. Hold this breath for about five seconds, and grip your vagina passionately and enthusiastically! See your intention pregnant inside of you and embodying the spirit of divine life-force energy. Feel it sizzle, pop, and build up into a hot ball of fiery, orgasmic energy! Feel this intuitive energy revitalize your womb, and see this revitalization expand to your entire body.

Step 3

Release your Yoni grip and exhale for about five seconds. This part is important because usually after holding the breath and gripping so tightly, you simply want to exhale and allow the energy to escape you. Controlling the out breath will generate your willpower to your orgasmic power.

While exhaling, feel your energy field around your body expand outward to the sky; this is your aura. Feel your energy field extend to all directions and kiss the sky. Know that your energy field is amplifying with your breath and becoming electrically magnetic.

It is common for beginners to feel light-headed after doing Yoni breathing even for one minute. New channels are awakening, and dormant energy pathways are opening for the first time. Yoni breathing is a powerful technique of engaging the entire body in aligning with the universe’s heartbeat. Daily Yoni breathing helps us fantasize, impregnate, and birth our intentions while allowing us to mellow in the arousal of the moment.