Sperm Retention & Control Practices

Lingam breathing (penis breathing) is a practice that has been around eons. If you are just finding out about it. retaining your sperm when you want to ejaculate is the strongest way to grow in sexual discipline and build up your vigor. I have been conducting Lingam Breathing sessions with hundreds of men for several years now. I learned from my Guru Tafari Sudra, what he calls Ligam Flexing for ultimate dick empowerment.

But how do we live a life that is conducive to empowering our Lingam? Emotional control is a huge way to start. For example, do you pick your skin, itch uncontrollably, bite your nails, talk excessively, tap you foot a lot, spill out anger easily, these are all ways we ejaculate and do not even know it. There is nothing wrong with these behaviors inherently, it is the way you go about them, like are you doing it without even knowing, if so that is a serious problem of spilling out your sexual chi or energy. You might as well ejaculate if you do these behaviors constantly.

Fire Lingam breathing is a great practice for men to channel anxious and aggressive energy. This way you use your anger constructively and consciously to build your sexual fire and reabsorb it in your body. Such as, after Fire Lingam Breathing going out for a jog, lifting weights, or learning something new. This is the best way to channel your sexual fire.

Controlling the pace and depth of your breathing during our Lingam Breathing session is the practice. I sit with men on a video call and ask that they show their face and lingam in the same screenshot of the video. It is a vulnerable and empowering way for me to help you. Sometimes we may want to masturbate during the video call, and I will advise you to only touch the head or base of your lingam depending on what your particular issue is.

If it is getting hard due to ED or learning not to ejaculate too fast, I will gracefully and gently guide you with a soothing voice to focus on the tip or base of your penis, sometimes I may suggest doing the lingam breathing without any touch at all to your Lingam, perhaps if you are addicted to masturbating.

Discipline in any capacity helps sperm retention. Also ejaculating with purpose is vital too. I mention in one of my videos that the sexiest thing a guy can say is that he does not cum with just anyone, in fact, he may build up to letting a woman experience his cumming. That makes a woman feel like it is a sacred and prized experience of life force energy he does not drain and give to anyone. He also is communicating he knows the value if ejaculating and magical powers it can reproductively construct.

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  1. Hi Grace I am so so interested in learning more about being able to control when I cum also when you mentioned about not cumming in just everyone does that mean have sex but not having the feeling of ejaculation.

  2. How you doing Miss Grace that I am practicing now because I am so stiff and as soon as I feel comfortable I will definitely be joining your class so I don’t feel I be wasting my hundred and $49

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