What is an Orgasmic Yoni?

What is an Orgasmic Yoni?

The name Yoni (Yoo-nee) is a Sanskrit term for vagina and is revamping feminine consciousness today. Because the term vagina feels sexually stale when pronounced, we will use the term Yoni throughout this material to inspire the sensual spirit of this body part. Our Yoni is a sacred temple of sexual worship that lies in a “womb-man’s” womb.

All Yonies possess vast orgasmic potential, symbolizing the Great Void (vagina, vulva, vessel, etc.) where all things are possess potential to grow. This darkness is the womb of creation. Additionally, a Yoni symbolizes the great Mother and the Great Yin Vessel that transports Spirit or Life Force through birthing it into reality. When orgasmic energy or creative energy is fully embraced our Yoni’s potential awakens! This means we begin feeling more and being pleasurably present in the experience of living.

Cultivating our Yoni is a daily ritual of nurturing, honoring, respecting, and stimulating our Divine Feminine Energy. A healthy Yoni is constantly innervating hormonal nutrients and Vital Life Force Chi throughout our body. When this happens our Yoni glows with radiance and vitality and can sustain long periods of orgasmic pleasure. Daily cultivation of our Yoni is required for building a new foundation for Yoni Empowerment.


Being fully actualized in our Yoni (mastering how we direct and distribute our Yoni energy) is fundamental to being a conscious co-creator with the Universe.  Our Yoni (the nucleus of our feminine body) becomes a sensor that receives information about our realm of being. Fully embracing the Spirit of our Yoni stimulates our perception and we begin to feel fully from a deeper place. The Spirit of our Yoni is found in what emotions allow us fully to enjoy and surrender to the moment.

These feelings are usually the ones tucked away in our most intimate part of our Yoni. Fully feeling our reality energetically, using our Yoni’s sensations illuminates our reality.

Orgasm is our Yoni’s medicine. Orgasm restores and balances our body, mind, and heart. A powerful practice, which is becoming more valued for creating orgasmic health is the Yoni Egg practice. An orgasmically healthy Yoni fuels our psychological, biological, and sexual health, while stimulating our Spiritual arousal to life. Then connection to our deepest, most intimate Self is natural and our inner-connection expands outward with love. The secrets that lie within the Yoni’s cave are revealed during orgasmic cultivation. These secretions birth magical messages, feelings, or revelations.


An orgasmic Yoni is sensitive and receptive to impregnation. She desires to be filled with power and strength (whether physically or energetically). She desires to move, grip, pull, feel, and fully embrace the vibrations that exist within her. These vibrations mirror the quality of energy we possess in our womb. Therefore, cultivating orgasmic Yoni practices serves our Yoni as a via to feeling the truth of who we are. Once we begin using our Yoni Egg as optimally as possible, we will find that controlling the egg is easier and it mirrors how we control the outcome of our sexual energy.

A Yoni is optimized significantly when it is physically toned and vibrationally aware. In this awakened state our Yoni can effortlessly direct our sexual energy using our vaginal strength. After we have cultivated our vaginal power we can conscious send our sexual, vital chi to any place in our body for healing. For example, if there is illness or imbalance in our Yoni we can send her Orgasmic Healing; or perhaps it is another part of our body such as our kidneys, heart, ovaries, breasts, colon, intestines, thyroid, pituitary, pineal, etc. We can use our breath to direct our orgasmic-rejuvenating chi to fortify and boost any imbalance. Using our Yoni Egg will trains us to do this!

We can exchange orgasmic life force with the Universe! This means by simply squeezing our Yoni muscles and letting out a big exhale, our Yoni becomes energetically stimulated. If we have experienced sexual trauma we can send our sacred sexual energy to the past time in order to heal and infuse positive vibrations to that point in time. Such as mellowing in the experience by gently gipping your Yoni muscles, then releasing and exhaling with an OM. The same goes for the future, perhaps we desire to have an orgasmic birth, or fully embrace a loved one before we meet with them. By fantasizing of this scenario before it happens and infusing our Yoni’s love into it we can create vibrations of transformation. Our Yoni’s power is unlimited, thus expanding our us imagination is essential for using this Divine Power!

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