Why do badass women hand over their power?

Recently I watched Being Serena – Her Story, her words. HBO documentary. I think its been out for a month or so. I do not watch much TV but since many of us were home, I decided to indulge! Before I criticize her (yep, you may hate me after reading this) I was amazed at how bad-ass she is, how much she works out, stays conditioned – even during her entire pregnancy! In fact, did you know she won the grand opening while being pregnant? Whoa, I actually believe this puts her in a category all her own. That accomplishment does not deserve the same trophy as everyone else…unless they were pregnant too. Although, I do not believe competition in our third trimester is exactly what women need at this time, ha.

Anyway, I bring this up because I have gained a lot of strength on a personal level knowing Serena’s story, which represented to me being a sexy bitch, wining, not caring about haters, and killing my success no matter what. Her father touches my heart too but I digress…this is not about her dad, unfortunately.

The first episode of this show triggered me so bad that I had to immediately shut off my computer – I mean, I slammed it shut! I’ll explain…you see as a Yoni Egg author and entrepreneur I have learned that I have an aversion to witnessing women handing over their Yoni power to anyone like they would know better…like a doctor!

But let me back up and explain the conversation that primed my triggering point. Serena was sitting with her midwife a week before her expected due date. It appeared like it was their first time meeting ever and I was like, what! I wish she would have called me. You see, Serena was saying throughout the entire episode, “I just want to do what is best for my baby” and I am sure that is true. So why was the first time Serena said to her midwife was “Can we just do a cesarean to avoid the pain of vaginal birth?”. I was like, is this a serious question! I thought you wanted what was best for your baby, which would NOT include a commodified cesarean. Babies need, (1) to be coated with vaginal mucus for kick-starting their immune system, (2) they need to exercise their lungs, (3) triumph over their first challenge (4) connect to their mother’s north star directional breathing, (5) deepen the connection to their mother, (6) pass the vaginal gateway as the hallmark of the portal into life; and more!

But guess what, her midwife did not say any of these things as a means of convincing Serena for the betterment of her baby to have a vaginal birth – you know what she said to her?…this “cesareans take longer to recuperate from and you do not have that kind of time”…uh, the anger in me arose more…

“A doctor birthing for you, Serena for their comfort is not good for your baby”, I screamed at my screen! I was pissed, then it got worst. She gets in the car with her husband, who really loves her hard (I loved that!) and says, “well the doctor said ‘it’s time’ so it’s time”. Are you serious, you’re giving your baby’s first choice of power, which is when she arrives into the planet over to your doctor? As a woman and Yoni Goddess, I was pissed. But then I realized how we as women over many generations have handed our power, in good faith, over to the patriarchal hospital systems where we lay down, instead of move around; go into trance, instead of being drugged; feel in control of our Yoni instead of insecure.

The medicalization of birth is a trauma of losing the number one soul-filled power of women that we are still recuperating from. So, Serena represents us modern, out of touch women.  Women who believe doctors are lord over our pregnancy as if it is not a cold business that cesareans help pay!

Vaginal birth is a serious initiation into our power as women! Our Yoni is a portal for spirits to enter as flesh into this world and whether you want kids or not, it is a power we have, period. So why do we want birth to be easy? Why do we need doctors to feel secure even though we have been birthing since the beginning of humanity? Why are we comfortable not taking the lead in our birth?

We can start getting comfortable again in our vaginal power with our monthly bleeding. Try not taking medication of any sort and being 100% present (conscious) of your pains and discomforts, try rubbing your womb vigorously if you feel cramping, moan out loud instead of holding back on the pain, tell people to do things for you like bring you tea, draw a bath, or give you a massage to lessen the load of your process. Allow yourself to feel the moment ahead of you by attuning to your breath, And finally, get a YONI EGG to help train your muscles for vaginal birth!

Also, I think it is important to highlight the innate weirdness in birth. People these days cling to presenting themselves to be as normal as possible in our current society. With all the cover-up, plastic surgery, clothes, and superficialities we can find let’s face it, being just a little off in the eyes of today’s culture can make us weird. As warm-blooded animals, the ultimate sin is being outcasted. Being witnessed during the hight of our vulnerability is a great fear we most have. Well, guess what, giving birth exposes our ultimate weirdness and I say that with great pride and dignity. Being the liaison for spirits to be crafted into flesh for the progression of humanity is the greatest peculiarity (only to patriarchy though). Us conscious women know and feel our truth and I believe we ought to tell more women like Serena to not give it away so easily.

You see, it is fear that has driven the control of women’s bodies because birth is so powerful. The power of birth can generate a species from only one man’s seed. I believe the same way we treat the security of our credit cards private, we ought to secure our power the same way, not allowing anyone to just come in, whether a doctor or not, and tell us when and how we shall birth. Our body and breathing have calculated many births in our humanity and with a 25% infant mortality rate in our country, compared to other countries with a 2% rate, we MUST secure our vaginal power as orgasmically as possible. Enjoy your Yoni can her innate power.

24 thoughts on “Why do badass women hand over their power?”

  1. You making like she’s weird. She just did what felt right. And was vulnerable. I followed you for a long time and u always say empowered feminine .. now sexy bitch? That more concern then a c section .. the message to women.. it hard enough out here.. sexy bitch.. doesn’t apply to all of us…woman does tho.

  2. Grace, very powerful, affirming, and well stated! We live in the information age, but there’s much wisdom either lacking in or devalued by Western society concerning the most basic, instinctual human needs, and practices that help us thrive holistically. Thank you for speaking up about this.

  3. You are right on, sister! This is a HUGE issue regarding women and their bodies — and sexual power, power over one’s own body is synonymous ( to a degree ) with being able to birth at home or use midwifery, gentle methods to allow birth to happen naturally, organically, the way it was intended for heath of mother and child. I didn’t realize you were so well-versed on this topic! Kudos to you and CONGRATULATIONS on this article!

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