Sensual Shaking helps reduce your period flow

Some of you were triggered by my last article, Is shaking our ass classy or trashy? I revealed I posted this article because I started speaking less in my videos because I was coping from a restraining gag-order from my previous predator. Some of you made the comment that I was not uploading substantive content anymore, and you’re right, and for that, I apologize. Like many other women who hurt, they have you focus on their body more to distract from the pain.

However, in this article, I want to address the benefits of shaking our ass! There is nothing wrong with this ancient practice, but there is a way to use it conductively for our orgasmic empowerment. Shaking our hips is shaking our spiritual-reproductive energy. One of the reasons women have reported to me that they get Yoni Eggs is to awaken their feminine energy. They reveal they suffer from vaginal numbness or intense menstrual cycles that never seem to end. This can all be prevented by more sensual shaking. For example, the more release before and during our period, the lighter she becomes.

Try it, when you feel the onset of your period approaching, like that day or two before start with womb-rubs in a circular motion while humming or singing soft affirmations to yourself – like you would for an upset baby. “It’s okay womb, I am here for you”, this affirmation goes a long way soothing the pain but confronting and addressing it…not ignoring it allowing it to build up more. Make sense?

Also, the circular rotation of your hips actually mimics the rotation of our mother planet. Our womb is a microcosm of the earth’s rotational spin. So spin, girl! The difference is doing it consciously, enthusiastically, and with passion. Try shaking your hips left to right in a figure eight, this is actually how I teach my Yoni Breathing sessions in person, shaking in this way. So go ahead and try this hip-play while Yoni Breathing and if you are really advanced add a posture or two for added Yoni Yoga benefit!

The most important thing about shaking our booty, hips, and body is maintaining a pattern or rhythm. This is because it helps us go into a trance-like state and if we are affirming ourselves while doing it, that is VERY good ๐Ÿ™‚ Try it out and comment here about the good news of Sensual Yoni Shaking!

3 thoughts on “Sensual Shaking helps reduce your period flow”

  1. I think that is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your reflections Sister. I agree with what you said about triggers reflecting something inside that needs attention .. well said!

  2. Loved this article. Thank you so much! Would you happen to have any helpful advice for the menopausal sisters?

  3. Thank you, Goddess for your comment. Great question! I would continue honoring the 30-day moon cycle, the New Moon is a menstruation period and the full moon is our ovulation. My book talks more about how to honor these seasons, How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing. Check out the menstrual cycle chapter. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s on Amazon or here on the site in the “Accessories” tab as the PDF ๐Ÿ™‚

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