Self-Awareness with Orgasm

Self-awareness with orgasm is juicy enlightenment and connection to Source Energy. When we understand that orgasm is simply vibration we understand how orgasm expands our consciousness. Our identity is dependent upon the stimulation from our outer reality. Our reality creates scenarios for us to grow. In these scenarios we have the choice to become orgasmic or non-orgasmic. This choosing sculpts how we receive and give our energy. Giving and receiving our energy orgasmically can be awakened from the unfamiliar.

Entering into the realm of the unfamiliar often forces us to deal with the polarities of excitement verses fear. We can choose to emerge in an exciting way or be contained in a fearful way. The depth of the unknown is symbolic to the depth of our Yoni. We can be brave enough to embrace unfamiliar territory in order to awaken orgasmically. Because our Yoni is a microcosm to our macro-reality it can be overwhelming to explore this unknown terrane. That is the beauty of our sacred black-hole…intensity! Learning to ground our Yoni’s intensity is a gift of juicy power. This connection to Self allows us to channel the [juicy] intensity energy with a Spirit of enthusiasm and trust. When embarking on this journey of the unknown with self-trust it allows our Yoni’s natural intelligence to guide us and flourish like rose petals receiving light.

Embracing the unfamiliar begins to water latent seeds we carry. These seeds have the potential to birth a grander version of who we are. Continuously cultivating these seeds is the art and craft of self-discovery through orgasm. These seeds activate parts within ourselves that lay dormant. This imagery is easily seen in the earliest season of a person’s life where they grow the most. This season is when we were all babies! As babies we absorbed, learned, and grew so vastly that we were limitless. Every single thing was brand-new and we possessed no judgment when taking it in the unfamiliar. Possessing this approach in life is what will allow us to flourish from your sacred sensuality as the Goddess that you are!

Experiencing touch as if it is the first time you have experienced it, will naturally give you rushes of pleasure throughout your entire body. Invite this newness with enthusiasm! Your Yoni will then awaken like a rose opening up to the warm sun and your Spirit will be aroused with reverence. Feeling the depth of each moment is what orgasm is all about! Receive the totality of the universe through your mind, body and spirit and know that you are opening up. This level of living activates all our sensual senese. We become evermore refreshed by the notion of eternity as this new way of living broadens our awareness. We will notice as we expand ourselves that a new idea of the infinite arises and are identity blends with it! Unlimited awareness is what allows us feel the rich depths we within carry.

Orgasm is cleansing. As we cultivate self-awereness with orgasm we automatically begin with a clean slate. Many women who have dedicated themselves to orgasmic-cleansing claim to experience this phenomenon as a rebirth! This rebirth is our initiation into our Goddesshood. This is becuase orgasm acts as the waves of the ocean, washing debris away that may have been on our shore. It is easy, effortless and natural to no longer resonate with the residue that has been cleared away because instead we have reconnected to our pure-self!

Connection is the intercourse of the soul!

Self-awareness with orgasm builds cosmic connection. Connection allows us to experience the truth of who we are and the truth of the other. Whether this “other” is a person or simply the Universe, we begin expanding and sinking deeper into the intimacy of the moment. Being spiritually connected to the source of All, is the intercourse of our soul. When ideas and concepts unify that resonate with us, it merges within our inner being, and reflects the assortments we are comprised of. This is juiciest part of cultivating our spiritual evolution.

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