Sacred Excerpt: The Vaginal Voice: Reclaim Your Story (Available Soon!)

“Erotic fantasies are a waking dream, serving up clues to our individual psyches, allowing us to explore our sexuality. They stem from the very source of our creativity-the imagination-linking our conscious and subconscious worlds.”

  • Zen Sex: The Way of Making Love, Phillip Toshio

The surrender is the sweetest part. It’s amazing to melt into your moment of receiving so much love from your body and spirit merging as one experience. I learned this as an art of reclaiming with whom I surrender and how I do that because on my own I can enjoy my surrender on my terms and not have to conform to an unconscious aspect of you that is controlling how I orgasm. In my situation I was coerced to be this whore in bed and squirt 10-70 times literally for what I thought was our pleasure. I really do not need to squirt to enjoy my sexual energy today although it is a beautiful symbol of feminine-goddess-power.

When your body is relaxed, you are ready to ignite orgasmic surrender. A fully receptive state is the foundation to entering surrender. Orgasmic surrender can be compared to being awestruck into the open space of a moment. Usually appreciation and pleasure are united. You’re in a state of confidence, ease, and ignition. Orgasmic surrender is not achieved solely through physical stimulation, but through your spirit.

Orgasmic surrender is typically felt during Yoni Breathing and reclaiming your vaginal voice. Inviting the pleasure within each moment prepares a place for sacred surrender to spark! Erotic ease transforms our energy field into a potent outlet of energy. Our inner channels buzz with excitement and we become magnetic and ignite with grace. Our internal passageways pulse with power and we melt into the experience of surrender. The light created vibrates outwardly and illuminates our essence.

Each moment orgasmic-surrender is an unrehearsed moment to drop your defenses. Using the pearls of wisdom of our orgasmic surrender into our daily life steeps us in our environment. As sexually assured women, we walk the planet, illuminating others with our orgasmic auras. As our power continues emanating we infuse the collective consciousness with the affectionate love we express. Orgasmic surrender is enthusiastic ascension.

Several biological effects occur when we experience orgasmic surrender. Our body releases higher levels of oxytocin, which immediately inundates us with a sense of warming unity. Oxytocin transports us to a realm of love and bonding where everything is connected to the Divine. This state of being interlaces us with our partner’s energy, elevating us into a symbiotic vibration. In this vibration you can expect to experience orgasmic surrender simultaneously with the world around you, including your partner(s)! This joins partners together in deeper intimacy while reclaiming the art of sacred surrender.

Our mind elevates beyond our physical brain during orgasm. According to studies at Rutgers University, orgasm has proven for women (more than men) to enhance the dark areas in our brain, indicating the energy is relaxed and resting. The beauty of our brain resting during orgasm is that it is impossible to access the portions of our brain, such as our prefrontal cortex, responsible for judgment or self-analysis…all associated with ego reactions that limit our aptitude to surrender. Instead, our spirit is untethered and flowing towards higher relief.

Surrender allows our spirit to soar from captivity.

Owning your vulnerability allows you to experience orgasmic surrender. Deep emotional awareness is the catalyst to easing into sensual release. The fundamental core of who you are is what is expressed during an orgasmic release. If you are afraid to reveal yourself, to you alone, than it will be impossible to fully connect to another person. They will not know the foundation of who you are if it is concealed. Fostering authenticity in general nourishes your ability to orgasm.

Living in the modern day world forces us at times to compromise our emotions as they arise. Most of us are trained to remain focused on our external responsibilities, as oppose to our internal responsibility. When we shift to a place of self-reflection we dive into the ocean of insight and begin to let go of the judgment that blocks us from surrendering.

Our inner Self creates our outer Self.

It is unfortunate that some women fake orgasm. Faking anything only disguises our feelings and disconnects us from our reality and the relationships we are in. The more we disguise our true feelings the less we will experience deep connection with others. Repressing our feelings is not dealing with our emotional reality. Our emotional body requires our full attention in order to remedy situations and bring closure to them. Concealing our feelings or avoiding them over time is a lie that becomes embodied and only further removes us from our truth.

Repressing our feelings is repressing our Spirit.

Looking our feelings in the eye takes courage! It requires us to look in the mirror at our Raw Self. Emotional accountability is the vehicle to feminine empowerment. Some feelings may be frightening to look at but once we have accepted our role as our emotional creator, we walk with integrity and know that we are the leader to our emotional reality.

Blaming others for what we feel degenerates our power. Becoming angry, defensive, dominating, and irritable is a cry for help. Most women go through waves of emotional turbulence when they are fully facing the truth of their feelings because they desire grounding support. However, consistently indulging in a cry for help is disempowering and sometimes expressing our hurt becomes an outlet of relief, instead of healing it.

For example, channeling our emotional turbulence into Yoni Breathing is where sensual transmutation begins! When we channel these emotions into Yoni Breathing, whether they are positive or negative, we soon experience an orgasmic relief that dissipates frustration into resolved conflict.

Allow your imagination to be the catalyst for your emotional surrender. Release any frustration through sensual serenity. Even if it is your partner who you are distressed with, use them as the conduit for your self-healing. They are there in this moment to aid you in emotional release. Approach them, or yourself with the intention of healing the moment, then sink into surrender mode and allow any anxiety to melt into constructive emergence.

Women are naturally sensitive beings because our bodies are designed to experience the penetration of energy, causing us great emotion! Compared to men, women are more connected to their right brain and therefore are deeply in tune with our emotional state of being. Emotion is our conduit to fully feeling orgasm! Blocking even the slightest emotion is blocking our pleasure pathways.

Your free flowing, energy yearns to be expressed and vented. When we grow accustomed to repressing our emotions and covering them, or labeling them as inappropriate, we unconsciously are telling ourselves it is not okay to feel. The more we disengage with our emotional truth, the more the emotions that should be set free harbor within and harden our existence.

Emotional imprints are untethered when you let free them.

Being orgasmically empowered is surrendering to our emotional truth and standing tall in it. Dr. Sara Gottfried, a women’s hormonal guru calls this step “reclaiming and redefining surrender on our terms”. This vital step of emotional liberation means rejoicing in the opportunity to let go. Using each complement, smile, and conversation as a space into redefining and reclaiming your emotional truth.

Some women become hardened by feeling betrayed and do not know how to open up again because they do not know the power of surrender. Surrendering while receiving is an energy cycle. Your hardness will untether when you reclaim your truth of being unbounded, unless you believe otherwise.

Fully embracing a complement intensifies the emotions in which it was given. Soon we become wide open to receive the goodness that permeates unendlessly. Allowing the inner biological reactions sparked from our transformation is what produces our greatest self. Soon, what was a small gesture of kindness will stir up effortless joy, and we will become contagious energy sources of love.

Receiving orgasmically inspires the purity of orgasm in others. This is because we provide a succulent experience that encourages them to arouse the best in others. This cyclic action of giving and receiving is the orgasm of life! Honoring stimulation with gratitude physically opens the floodgate to a gratifying surrender.

Gratitude ignites orgasmic appreciation!

Gratitude is a vital step to orgasmic surrender. Broadening our appreciation to a smile, a favor, a friend, or an opportunity of growth will allow us to experience sensual sensation! Appreciation is being content and satisfied for the present situation and genuinely giving thanks for it. This is done not by conceptually thinking, “thank you”, rather through feeling it in our Spirit.

When riding the wave of orgasm our ego is surrendered. We have dropped all judgment, fear, and possession. We taste euphoric connection, divinity, vulnerability, and intimacy with the moment. Hormonally, our body boosts our immune system by releasing serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, opiates, and many other fortifying hormones. Once these chemicals are secreted, they enhance our orgasmic glow and health, better than any man-made drug.

Our body intuitively knows how to heal; it’s a matter of if we allow it!

My partner and I personally use orgasmic surrender as a form of hypnosis. This is safe to try in a committed and secure relationship. Once we would intertwine bodies and I could feel his attention penetrate me and my eyes would roll back – indicating a high hypnotic state – and then as he would enter he would continue flowing with my every pulsation. He would say something like, “you know your existence tells me there is a God”. Once we started surrendering into discovering, feeling, and embracing our inevitable truth, we elevated our frequency. Then the next time we came together our inclination was to go higher.