Releasing Trauma with Yoni Breathing

Yoni (Vaginal) Breathing

Yoni Breathing is a rhythmic breathing practice designed to synchronize your Yoni’s contractions (orgasmic responses) with your breath. Yoni Breathing is intentionally slow so you can become more conscious during each breath. This sacred practice is the foundation to feeling more orgasmic flow in the body while strengthening your Yoni muscles. The synchronization of your body’s vibration will help the sensations in your Yoni to elevate upward, creating the possibility for a full body orgasm. Fully feeling each sensation with acuteness is helpful.

Begin Yoni breathing by sitting or standing with an erect posture and neck that is slighted tilted upward. This posture allows our breathing channel to be wide open.

Inhale deeply for 5 seconds all the way past your chest and into your Yoni. Impregnate yourself with Life Force Energy! Make sure your abdomen comes out with each inhale, and retracts with each exhale. While inhaling use as much imagination as possible to see each cell, hair fiber, and skin pore revitalize and glow like light. This light (Prana) is the orgasmic healing properties that will accelerate your vitality.

Then hold your breath for 5 seconds while griping your PC muscles, which are the muscles that hold your urine. Next, feel your breath travel up and out as you release your contraction and breath slowly for 5 seconds and allow a musical moan to come out through your mouth.

Yoni breathing on a consistent basis, either at home or driving in the car, or even at work it recommended for accessing your orgasmic threshold more easily.

Creatively Express

  • Do you feel content with the emotions you typically inhale?
  • Which emotions ignite orgasmic power when inhaled?
  • Which emotions feel ignite disharmony when inhaled?
  • How can you use your breath to inhale harmonic emotions?
  • As a powerful goddess, what frequencies would you like to exhale to the world?
  • How do you envision the world benefitting from your empowered breath?
  • Does your empowered breath make a difference in the environment? If so, how?
  • How can you use Yoni Breathing to your energy expand your energy field?
  • When Yoni Breathing how interconnected do you feel to your surroundings?

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