50 min. Yoni Egg Yoga Zoom Session for Women

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Hello Goddess,
I am so excited to work with you during your Yoni Egg Yoga session. Wearing your Yoni Eggs is encouraged but not required. Just know I am intentionally going to dig deep and ask many questions, and follow-up questions, such as “why, “how, “since when”, and more to discover your Yoni needs with you and help guide and even midwife you into Yoni Yoga.

For example, today I had one of the most rewarding Yoni Breathing sessions. This dear Goddess told me she has had Yoni pain and numbness she felt was due to her holding back her climax at the moment of orgasm. I felt determined to really help her by providing the ancient healing practice of Yoni Breathing that healed my bulimia ten years ago.

I told her to put in her Clear Quartz Yoni Egg in because it promotes the electrical charge when trying to build that sexual fire. I Yoni Breathed with her while guiding her through the mediation of impregnating the spirit of her honoring her sensual release.

After about 20 minutes of Yoni Breathing together and moaning to open our throat chakra, we were giggling and feeling the orgasmic tingle. I told her to do this everyday ritualistically to promote the muscle memory required to let go during the climatic build-up.

I want to work with you too. You do not need a Yoni Egg to do Yoni Yoga or to Yoni Breathe. After you purchase a super discounted session we will facetime to do our Yoga together. Hopefully, with a few sessions, you will be able to consciously build, sustain, release, and control your Yoni’s magic-sex-power.

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1 review for 50 min. Yoni Egg Yoga Zoom Session for Women

  1. 5 out of 5

    ariennecallender (verified owner)

    Yoni egg yoga with Grace has been amazing, fun, and transformative to say the least. I feel like I have healed a lot within myself through my Yoni over only a couple of weeks. With Grace’s guidance and support I now feel empowered with the tools necessary to transmute and transcend by yoni breathing. I really loved how every week was a bit different. In one of the practices I was guided through Yoni breathing to heal from certain past traumatic events. I learned how to better control my energy and connect with the energy around me that is readily available at all times. I loved Yoni breathing with other women in the group. I also loved that there are more advanced Yoni breathing practices and that Grace will meet every goddess where she’s at by giving us different options. Before I started this class, I was not consistent in my practice of yoni breathing, but now I have a daily practice. This was a truly inspirational and healing experience in many ways. Even just practicing with another empowered goddess inspires the goddess in me. There was so much to love about this class. I highly recommend ! 💖

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