60 min. LIVE Yoni Egg Yoga Zoom: NEW MOON, Saturday, Dec. 4th




WOMEN ONLY: 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Planting the seed of sexual empowerment on the New Moon. Goddesses: please join wearing your Yoni Egg (having your Yoni Egg within your vagina) before starting. This one-in-a-life time zoom will be featuring a world of yoga practices to do with your Yoni Egg, incorporating Yoni Breathing, Fire Breathing, and the art of the dancing Yoni – a sensual rotation of the hips that allows your Yoni Egg to swim in a spinning motion inside your vaginal cave for the purpose of massaging your vaginal reflexology point for greater healing. This zoom group requires you to have your camera “on” for the purpose of ensuring everyone who join is a woman, although this will be a clothed yoga session. It is required that only women join. The other intended purpose of this zoom group is to demonstrate how Yoni Egg Yoga can be used as a means of a sexual outlet for nourishing a woman’s sexual and sensual needs.


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