Spring Equinox Squirting Class in Charlotte, NC + FREE Yoni Egg ($89 value)

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You, ladies are formally invited to one of the most progressive, empowering classes of this era! Did you know that squirting, aka Female Ejaculation, is healthy and necessary for optimal vaginal strength? Yep, we will go into depth about why this is the case at this sacred and exclusive weekend class.

The class is divided into two days:

  • Friday, March 20th: 7pm – 10pm (Yoni Egg Class)
  • Saturday, March 21st: 11am – 3pm (Squirting Class)


Being vulnerable is part of the lesson of squirting. Our class will be dedicated to keeping you safe, cozy, and comfortable for this practice.


Early bird price expires February 28th 

Special Excerpt:
Second Edition, How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing
Chapter: How do I use a Yoni Egg to Squirt?

“Deborah Sundahl’s book Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot is some of the best literature on the sacredness of Yoni gushing. Sundahl writes, ‘Sexual energy is creative energy—think what it means if our flow is stopped! It means we’ve blocked parts of our creativity. And it means there is part of our sexuality that we haven’t explored.’…Learning to master this stream of creative energy is the art of female ejaculation…”

“Squirting is the symbolic hallmark of a woman’s sensual strength. Every woman has a G-spot! As long as a woman has not gotten her female prostate gland removed, she can experience her sacred goddess-gush!”

“The feminine fountain contains a world of rich and sweet hormonal nutrients, nourishing whoever absorbs them. Medical professionals sometimes mistakenly call female ejaculate urinary incontinence. The best way to determine whether what you squirt is your ejaculate or urine is to smell it. Female ejaculate is clear and odorless…learning to squirt is the foundation to completely letting go of any negative perceptions you may have about your sexual expression.”

“When I began mastering my squirting ability, the main thing that helped me was affirmation. I would mentally affirm my open and infinite flow. I would affirm this by embodying the feeling of openness and flow during my climax and wham! I was pouring out my pleasure. It was effortless because my emotions were already peaked. Then I would feel my clitoris and labia bulge with blood flow, and my liquid would become a raging river. This method worked for me every time!”

“Here are some affirmations to meditate on while practicing your Yoni’s outpour.”

• “I am a succulent goddess!”

• “I am filled with life’s pungent juices!”

• “My feminine fountain amplifies my cosmic power!”

• “I instinctively flow with my water energy!”

• “My divine nectar nourishes those who drink it!”

• “My sacred stream is my body’s wealth and health!”

• “I feel my highest truth and gush it into existence!”

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