New Year’s Yoni Egg Sleepover



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LAS VEGAS, NV / DEC. 30 – JAN. 2

Vegetarian food and lodging is included!


Buy purchasing this event you are a reserving your spot and you understand there is a nonrefundable 50% deposit.

Prices will be going up incrementally until all slots are sold.

The last time I hosted a retreat I got my period and could not do the squirting class I promised. I was really sad but I would have felt disingenuous to my body, not to mention exposing a bleeding Yoni that really just needs care and time. So I need your help! 

We need multiple helpers and leaders present for our Yoni Egg Sleepover! By helpers I mean, cleaning up, cooking, preparing spaces, or other helpful tasks to make the event run as smooth as possible. By leaders, I mean if you’re a Yoni Egg Entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally sharing my own Yoni wisdom and if I don’t get my period again, a Squirting class!

This is another opportunity for you to shine and maybe if I don’t get my period I will do that squirting class 🙂 

As a Yoni Egg business mentor and supporter, let me explain to you why my prices are intentionally higher. After publishing my second book I just realized how much blood, sweat, and tears I have put into my business to ultimately support you. I have invested the past 9 years of my time for YOUR Yoni Egg benefit. 

Now that I am approaching year 10, I believe it is appropriate to value the time and energy cultivated more. You won’t see an empowering Yoni sleepover available cheaper once the early bird expires in one week. If you want to be here at this Yoni Unicorn of experience please pay now. 

You are strongly advised to attend our Yoni Egg Sleepover, this New Years if you are a Yoni Egg Entrepreneur. Signing up as a “leader” means you pay the cheapest cost and are provided multiple platforms of practice and visibility for your Yoni Egg mission to take off.

I have deleted the option of “Attendee” because we need only “Helpers” and “Leaders” to provide their motivation, inspiration, skill and HELP of expanding the Yoni Egg mission to ALL women who are in need of it’s healing power. 

I have showcased several Yoni Egg wholesalers on my website, audiobook, and YouTube channel to drive more quality traffic to their their business. Let me do the same for you!

By attending this exclusive event you will be showered in mentorship by myself and other Yoni Egg Leaders in our community. You do not need any experience or expertise to sign up! If you have any questions CALL / TEXT ME 443-468-0120 <3

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Attendee, Helper, Yoni Leader


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