YONI EGG CLASS: June 23, 2018

$99.00 $22.00



This early bird price will incrementally increase as the date of the class approaches. 

12:00pm – 3:00pm  

201 S. Gibson Rd. Henderson, NV 89012

This class will cover:

1. What is a Yoni Egg?

2. How do I Use my Yoni Egg to Heal?

 3. Will my Yoni Egg Get Stuck?

4. How do I Ensure Quality and Safety of my Yoni Egg? 

5. Which Yoni Egg Size is Best for Me?

6. Which Yoni Egg is Best for Beginners?

7. What is the Difference Between Drilled and Nondrilled?

8. How often do I wear my Yoni Eggs?

9. How do I clean my Yoni Egg?

10. How do I energetically charge my Yoni Eggs?

11. What can I expect?

12. What is Feminine Cultivation with Yoni Eggs? 

13.  How do I Embody my Crystal?

14. Why is Orgasm Important for Women?

15. How do I do Yoni Breathing with my Yoni Egg? 

16. Advanced drilled-egg practice?

17.  Can I have sex with my Yoni Egg Inside? 

18. What Potential Challenges can I Expect? 

19. How to Practice Squirting with a Yoni Egg?

20. How can I develop Yoni Power? 

21. How do I Measure my Progress?

22. What is Vaginal Reflexology? 

23. What is a Contraction and why is it so Important?

24. Can I wear my Yoni Egg during pregnancy? 

25. Will the Yoni Egg help my incontinence?

26. Will my Yoni Egg affect my menstrual cycle?


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