LIVE Yoni Egg Birthing Class: Sunday, Jan. 20th

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Sold By: Yoni Grace


60 min live demo Sunday, January 20th at 2:00pm PT or 5:00pm ET.

The Zoom link will be emailed to you after your purchase!

Most women ask, how do I take the Yoni Egg out? This video-class will attempt to answer that question by a step-by-step breathing, and vaginal yoga routine filled with visualizing and relaxing your vaginal muscles. Wear comfortable clothing if you want to follow along.

I am going to use this opportunity to reveal to you honestly and with great respect how to birth your Yoni Egg 🙂

This class will specifically demonstrate how to consciously birth your Yoni Egg from your vaginal canal.


This seems to be the most vulnerable aspect of the Yoni Egg practice for beginners and sometimes if you’re going through it! It is not “getting her out” it is “birthing her out!”. See the difference?


“Getting” means you have to acquire and obtain from outside – “birthing” means you obtain from inside! Make sense? I love you…

Let’s be vulnerable…

Let’s be real, the autonomy of your sexual energy is an ultimate Goddess power! That’s what the Yoni Egg practice teaches us! WHich is, how to use our Yoni energy to breath and birth our empowerment. 
I am intentionally scheduling this class around my ovulation because that will be the juiciest demonstration. 

I have been using Yoni Egg for 7-8 years and Yoni Breathing a lot throughout the course. My Yoni Egg birthing is a sensual act, no doubt. That’s the energy necessary to birth – ha. That is taboo too. Either way, I am thrilled to hold space for you in this circle on Sunday! 

This will be the first panties-off class I host online ever (although I hosted then many times in person). This class will be recorded for downloading later.

This is a Zoom link, so if you do not want to be recorded than turn off your screen when joining. Although it would be a pleasure to see your face.



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