Orgasmic Manifestation Webinar


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Laying with my back on the floor I grabbed my Gold Obsidian Lingam and Rose Quartz Yoni Egg. I instantaneously decided – I need Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian together!! I slipped her inside and behind her came the lingam, I went completely into another world of acceptance and journey.

My Yoni was on autopilot clamping and gripping in rhythm to my breathing and moaning. I felt delicious and radiating my dreams towards me. I embodied the feeling of them being manifested in real time and I made love to that idea.

My goal was not to use my sexual energy for manifestation, instead, I felt propelled by the fire in my Yoni. I felt uncontained and untethered. I melted into my towel and gushed into affirmation of my passions.


Saturday, September 22nd for 20 minutes I will be walking you through how to feel your passions during orgasmic meditation using Yoni Breathing and sensual movement. If you have any Yoni crystals to follow along with me that would be great but is not mandatory to benefit from this VERY unique online class.


This class IS EXPLICIT. Only women 18 and older are allowed to join. 

You will receive the link to the online event after registering!


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