20 Min. Men’s Lingam Breathing Session

$299.00 $50.00

Sold By: Yoni Grace


Hello Beautiful Men! 

It is my heart’s hope to build a long lasting professional relationship with you to support you along the way to greater Penis Power 🙂 

I appreciate that you are willing to do the work with me for greater penis power! This practice will boost your long-term vitality, personal power, sexual health, prostate gland, confidence, stamina, and allow your inner light to shine brighter.

Lingam Breathing sessions are 20 minutes with no ejaculating for the intention of strengthening your penis.

I will be wearing a clear leotard for our video session.

Our video sessions will be very intimate. Please have the camera on your face and penis the whole session. So please set this up beforehand.  

I will be doing Yoni Breathing with you while you are doing Lingam Breathing, and I will gladly and sensually walk you through this intimate process. Also, the intention is not to ejaculate so I hope you strive for this sexy dick disciple, but if it happens to occur, no judgment and we will continue until the end of the session. 

By paying you agree to a non-refundable fee if you want a refund and no refund after a session starts. 


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