One 35 minute Lingam Session


Sold By: Yoni Grace


Hello beautiful Kings, many of you still email me to hopefully schedule a Lingam Breathing session. After several months of postponing this sacred work, I have decided to try this again with you.
I was starting to feel like some clients just wanted to masturbate and release with me. I was flattered at how enticing it was, but on a rational level, I felt like I needed to stop these sessions because I did not want to facilitate a weak release. 

The mission of these sessions is to build semen retention strength. That is my passion with you and your sessions. When you build your sacred sexual semen it is very arousing for our session. But playful control and discipline is the spirit in which we practice each session together.

I ask that you please have your Lingam (penis) and your face in the same camera screenshot during our video call. I dress sensually and expose myself to you as we build up the momentum of your retention. For example, if I feel you may ejaculate too soon, I will move slower in the Lingam Breathing session to help build you up. But if you are comfortable I release layers of clothes as we do the Lingam breathing in relation to your ability to retain your cumming. 

These sessions require a lot of work and scheduling so there are no refunds once you have purchased the session.  



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