Wholesale Course: Yoni Egg Midwife / Doula Certification



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This certification course is for developing skills to sell Yoni Eggs wholesale and to become a certified Yoni Egg Midwife or Doula. This course includes a:

  1. video review of each chapter of, “How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing”,
  2. weekly conference calls for 2 months (8 total conference calls)
  3. and either one of these two packages:


Students are expected to:

  • Participate in the weekly conference call
  • Engage the material by asking questions or making comments
  • Retain general safety information
  • Create a Personal Story
  • Share a Yoni Egg testimonial
  • Demonstrate skills learned throughout through a finale survey


Doula Certification: 1 Softcover manual + 30 Yoni Eggs and 1 Crystal Wand, and 2019 Summer Solstice Retreat:

  • 4 med. Nephrite Jade
  • 4 med. Amethyst
  • 4 med. Rose Quartz
  • 3 small Green Aventurine
  • 3 small Rose Quartz
  • 2 med. Carnelian
  • 2 med. Agate
  • 2 med. Red Jasper
  • 2 med. Black Obsidian
  • 2 med. Snowflake Obsidian
  • 2 med. Bloodstone

Wands of choice – pick one:

  • Gold Obsidian Penis
  • Rose Quartz Twist
  • Black Obsidian Gspot


Midwife Certification: 1 Hardcover book + 70 Yoni Crystals (67 Yoni Eggs & 3 Wands total) + FREE Solstice Retreat (required):

  • 3 large Nephrite Jade
  • 3 large Rose Quartz
  • 2 large Amethyst
  • 8 med. Nephrite Jade
  • 8 med. Amethyst
  • 10 med. Rose Quartz
  • 8 med. Red Jasper
  • 4 med. Agate
  • 4 med. Black Obsidian
  • 4 med. Bloodstone
  • 3 med. Snowflake Obsidian
  • 2 med. Clear Quartz
  • 2 med. Rhodonite
  • 2 med. Mahogany Jasper
  • 2 small Green Aventurine
  • 2 small Rose Quartz


  • 1 Gold Obsidian Penis
  • 1 Rose Quartz Twist
  • 1 Black Obsidian Gspot



Video 1:

Ch. 1: What is a Yoni Egg?

Video 2:

Ch. 2: How do I Use my Yoni Egg to Heal?

Ch. 3: Will my Yoni Egg Get Stuck?



Video 3: 

Ch. 4. How do I Ensure Quality and Safety of my Yoni Egg? 

Ch. 5. Which Yoni Egg Size is Best for Me?

Video 4:

Ch. 6. Which Yoni Egg is Best for Beginners?

Ch. 7. What is the Difference Between Drilled and Nondrilled?



Video 5:

Ch. 8. How often do I wear my Yoni Eggs?

Ch. 9. How do I clean my Yoni Egg?

Video 6: 

Ch. 10. How do I energetically charge my Yoni Eggs?

Ch. 11. What can I expect?



Video 7: 

12. What is Feminine Cultivation with Yoni Eggs? 

13.  How do I Embody my Crystal

14. Yoni Egg Energy:

  • Agate
  • Aventurine
  • Bloodstone
  • Carnelian
  • Jasper
  • Nephrite Jade
  • Quartz (Amethyst, Rose, Clear)
  • Obsidian
  • Rhodonite



Video 8: 

15. Why is Orgasm Important for Women?

16. How do I do Yoni Breathing with my egg? 

Video 9: 

17. Advanced drilled-egg practice?

18.  Can I have sex with my Yoni Egg Inside? 

Video 10: 

Ch. 19. What Potential Challenges can I Expect? 

Ch. 20. How to Practice Squirting with a Yoni Egg?



Video 11: 

Ch. 21. How can I develop Yoni power? 

Ch. 22. How do I Measure my Progress? 

Video 12:

Ch. 23. What is Vaginal Reflexology?

Ch. 24. What is a Contraction and why is it so Important?



Video 13: 

Ch. 25. Can I wear my Yoni Egg during pregnancy? 

Ch. 26. Will the Yoni Egg help my incontinence?

Video 14: 

27. Will my Yoni Egg affect my menstrual cycle?

28. What is sister swopping? 

The Summer Solstice Retreat is being held in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas.

Half the Yoni Eggs will be drilled and the other half, nondriiled.

After the two month course you will receive your certification and your Yoni Egg package!

Yoni Egg Midwifes can handpick their 70 Yoni Eggs at our Solar Eclipse Midwife Training


No refunds on this since there is valuable information that will remain exclusive to those who pay for the training.

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