40 Yoni Eggs ($12 each!) + Yoni Egg Business Mentorship




Get your Yoni Eggs right away! Join a community of women who are Yoni Egg entrepreneurs!

These hundreds of women have a variety of ways that they share Yoni Eggs with their customers.

Many work from home and how convenient in these social times.

They are motivated to share the Yoni Egg wisdom and art for its sensual healing properties they have experienced their life.

Weekly calls for 3 months, each call is a maximum of 60 minutes after scheduling personally by texting Yoni Grace after purchase.

No refunds after purchase as all Yoni Eggs are sent at the beginning of the course and cannot be sent back.

A variety of Yoni Eggs are available for wholesale but no definitive quantity of each stone cannot be promised as what is in stock fluctuates daily.

You can expect to receive (may vary slightly according to stock):

10 Rose Quartz

10 Black Obsidian

10 Rhodonite

5 Amethyst

5 Clear Quartz

5 Carnelian


Additional information

Weight 75 oz
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 5 in


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