15 Medium Bloodstone Yoni Egg ($18 each)


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This is the best stone to use for addressing menstrual issues. As its name suggests, it is a cleanser and booster of the overall health of your blood. Detoxing the liver, spleen, bladder, and kidneys are just some of its miraculous effects. Bloodstone is an invigorating stone that enlightens the courage within to spark outward. Supporting your root chakra and therefore providing a firm foundation of security and groundedness, Bloodstone helps you slow down and sort through confusion and create structure where it is needed. Consider using Bloodstone for:

•boosting self-confidence

•cleansing the blood

•embodying more overall strength

•feeling more tenacious with your pursuits

•instilling an overall feeling of protection

•feeling safer with releasing your sexual energy

•honoring patience and a sense of acceptance

•moving ahead in life

•getting out of a rut

•breaking up blockages

•breathing deeper and more passionately

•using your creative faculties enthusiastically

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