Yoni Egg and Wand Policy:

All Yoni Eggs distributed are certified through GIA or IGI for authenticity and non-enhancement. These reports are packaged in each order. There is one paper report per species of stone ordered.

The Yoni Eggs that we distribute have never been returned via our no-return policy. Thus, they are brand new for your Yonis safety use.

Not all Wands are certified with a GIA or IGI report. They are assumed not to be used and left internally as long or as often as the Yoni Egg.

Replacement Policy: 

If your Yoni Egg or Wand arrives cracked or damaged, please send us photos within 24-hours of receiving the package. If the Yoni Egg(s) is deemed unsafe for internal use, then we will immediately dispatch their replacement.

Anything damaged that is reported to us after 24 hours is deemed to have been in your care long enough to be a liability and we cannot honor the replacement policy.

Product Refund/Return Policy:

Orders can be canceled as long as they have not been serviced a tracking number or shipped. If the order has not been shipped a full refund can be administered to the customer. All order cancellations must be emailed to [email protected] AND texted to 443-468-0120. There is a 48-hour window for these requests of which orders may be sent out within this window.

Yoni Eggs cannot be sent back to our company for any reason whatsoever. They are assumed to be used and we cannot redistribute them.

Webinars or events of any kind cannot be recorded by anyone other than Yoni Grace, LLC. Any webinar, workshop, or event that has started cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Refund Policy for Online Classes or Memberships:

Whenever intellectual content or property of Yoni Grace, LLC is shared with paid students, as in the students begins the course, class or webinar, even if such content is complementary, and a refund is granted, a nonrefundable $250 will be retained.