Perfectionism: A Princess Curse

After all this media explosion about Meghan Markle I could not help but learn about the other “royal” women (like what “royal women” represent to the monarch) so I decided to learn about them. Have you heard about Duchess Fergie (Ferguson)? I watched her interview with Oprah and I learned that who she really was did not match up with the monarch, she was inherently wrong from the start. Can you imagine living like this?

For example, in Fergie’s Oprah interview she watches herself literally sell-out her ex-husband Prince Andrew saying to a journalist that she accepts half a million for open doors – full access to him…later she says, “no, he’s “whiter than white”, [see6:33 in video below] meaning he is noble and would not accept money for a bribe. What could this mean? Whiter than white? Is it that it is pure, while anything less is not? I really do not know.

When you watch the video you see the evolution of her self-denial unravel. She talks about herself in the third person and says, “I feel really sorry for her” meaning herself, and Oprah points out – this third person remark “is still you”. I did absolutely love how Fergie owned her public failures/embarrassments with shooting somewhat straight about it (as much as she could manage at the time), I couldn’t imagine how it feels being in that position.

Oprah ends the interview making the connection between literal bankruptcy that she apparently had to file, and how it correlates to a spiritual bankruptcy of self too, to be able to sell someone else out, she agreed and said that was “genius”.

How did Duchess Fergie fall from grace? How did she end up in such a desperate position? We must study her (especially the women) so we shall learn from their public mistakes of perfectionism and self-hat-red. And more importantly how she bounced back!

Watch how the UK media press has shaped her identity to the public. Her confidence was literally seen as not perfect enough. Should could not be fully engaged when present in public, she had to be wilted in some way to be acceptable. Once she was invited into the family as Duchess she became “overfamiliarity with the press” a negative thing. A woman who is too confident and comfortable being herself, this raises questions, how cab this be they ask, what has she done to achieve such confidence, she must have done something wrong.

Also keep in mind the correlation of openness to whoreness. So where could she fit in?  her talent be channeled, apparently she was assigned to attend a jail and do a walk through and take all the catcalling, and perverse language thrown at her while she smiled and waved mutedly. Perhaps she “had” to do this as a punishment – to be an object of ridicule and adoration.

Fergie, was “disrespectful because of her lack of decorum”. She was not perfect, yet it was all about her, all the attention, all of the intrigue, al the power. “Where was Andrew?” people ask, “why can’t she sit still, control herself?” She should not like skiing, she should not be happy, pursuing self-interests is what it sounds like.

The press expected her to stand still or else she was pushing against the situation, she would be too powerful, she is too excitable, and strange. She should be able to laugh and and be loud and be herself, be magnetic, be who she is, FERGIE.

I believe that because of the forced lack of affection between Prince Andrew and Fergie in their public relationship is repression and being a Yoni Egg expert I see it as a blockage, in-authentic cultural tradition, that had her (in her own words) “out of control”. Fergie has had a long career of trying to make up for it with her dozens of self-improvement books and weight-loss programs.

Regarding self hatred and perfectionism, the Queen’s standard’s in this case are unattainable. Constantly trying to be perfect is not possible to achieve, so you fail automatically and have to deal with not making it in your own mind. I have, for example, kicked myself in the rear end for having mistakes in my published book…uh, I have really had to get over that.  Even though the content is rich with tens of thousands of hours of research, interviews, and editing.

So, instead of witholding from promoting your own book out of shame, in this case,  embrace the mistakes and upholding your self and what you represent with presence and poise, like a princess! So in this case, I appreciate Meghan stepping out and speaking her truth.