Awakening Orgasmic Intuition

Awakening Orgasmic Intuition

“You were left with the frequency of the orgasmic experience in sexuality so that you remember your higher identity.”

-Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

Orgasmic intuition is a sensual meditation that lasts as long as we stay centered in the wisdom of our Womb. Orgasmic intuition is the language of the awakened Goddess. Once we have activated a complete connection between our body, mind, and spirit, either through Yoni breathing or other erotica and spiritual practices, we would have noticed that we feel our inner and outer vibrations more intimately. From this prolific perspective, our energy field is in consistent communion with our Divine Atmosphere and all it’s inhabitants.

Orgasmic intuition flows through us when we fully welcome all sensations to stimulate us to our highest self!

Intuition is the gift of an awakened Yoni. Broadening our scope of sensibility is mutually beneficial in partnership with the Divine. To begin, as a sensually empowered Goddesses our sensitive senses offer us direct access to an array of life that exists. Before we empowered our Goddess energy these delicate frequencies were overlooked. But now our activated energy field allows our sensual to play freely and explore the infinite realms of vibratory light. Depending on how intimately connected we become to our breath, thought, and feelings will determine the maturity of our intuition. When our senses dance organically we naturally experience the present moment, instead of anticipating it. Our intuition is a radiant radar that enhances our perceptibility of the All, and we delight in drinking it all up!

Our Yoni becomes our entire body and auric field!

Using our emotions to navigate blissfully and elegantly with all frequencies is orgasmic power! When we embody the kaleidoscopic beauty of our Yoni, we emit orgasmic frequencies and become a leader in enhancing the mundane, to the Heavenly. Soon we effortlessly arouse others around us with our aura and thus enhance their vibration as well!

Our beautiful Yoni fully feels the vibrating ether and craves to feel nourished by its Spiritual substance. This ether is intelligence of it’s own, waiting to impregnate us with Life! Ether is timeless. The past, present and future are a single unit of experience that engulfs us in the treasure of consciousness. This vibrating intelligence contains all the knowledge and wisdom from every space/time dimension that has ever existed and will ever exist. This includes all the feelings, ideas, and creative thoughts from every life form in the atmosphere. In fact, ether is our universal glue, attaching us all as one beating element. Our Yoni’s intuition helps us harmonically unite with this Divine beat.

Imagine, walking down the street and feeling so much orgasmic pleasure from simply slowing down and gulping up all ethereal juice. Your heart, soul and body can’t help but to release these feelings outward and shine. You radiate so much feeling that others smile at you your mere presence and feel relaxed and reassured. Then if they pass you by, you feel them receive your energy and the intercourse of energetic exchange. Now another person is beating with the Divine simply because of you were honoring your feelings of pleasure. In this example, orgasmic intuition is a form of creation! When we cultivate our orgasmic intuition we manifest these feelings 10 fold and create a Lighter Universe simply from being present within it.

We become weak when we shield ourselves.

Many still consider being sensitive, a weakness. These individuals go even further to believe that having “think skin” is beneficial because they are less impacted by what they shield themselves from. Living shielded is a form of constant fear. We are energetically and emotionally isolated and therefore ignorant and voluntarily deprived. When we develop “thick skin” we actually weaken our sensory perception. When we weaken our sensory perception, we are disabling the very tool needed to live empowered and in tune.

When we grow “thick skin” we not only desensitize our sensory perception but we block our innate feminine wisdom from assessing information that is meant to advance us. Embracing our vulnerability and loving the connections that we create to our environment cultivates acceptance to our reality. We better understand why and how a particular situation may be occurring because we have access to all the factors at hand. This can only happen when our inner vibration loosens its tension, our facial muscles relax and this inner peace is easily expressed.

Orgasmic intuition can be compared to the still and wakeful pond that sits quietly in a deep enchanted forest, surrounded by life everywhere. Although, she herself is fully alive she waters appear to be still yet they are intensely absorbing all vibrations. The slightest touch from a fallen leaf will create ripples throughout her entire body of water. She is totally receptive and aware of her environment because her body is fluid. Density on the other hand cannot express itself in this fashion whatsoever! Intuition needs an avenue of receptivity and becoming like the still and wake pond is the perfect way to develop this orgasmic craft of clairvoyance.

Open wide to the energy that effortlessly pours into you.

Making love to our environment through our breathing units our inner-world and our outer-world in a supernatural way. We begin understanding ourselves through the symbiotic pulsations. As women our physiology is built to receive! We possess an extraordinary receptor: our Yoni. Our Yoni or Cosmic Life House enjoys the experience of being fully penetrated in it’s most sensitive of areas. The pleasure from being impacted births not only high quality orgasm but also nourishes our intuitive receptors or nervous system. Our intuitive intelligence is solely based on the communication from our Yoni and environment. Any obstructions that detour this avenue of communication blocks our orgasmic intuition.

Honoring the beauty of penetration is the foundational to cultivating tantric telepathy!

On this journey of orgasmic intuition, we will discover that there is a lot we have been missing out from. At times, others will not understand the value we place our emotions and may label us as weak or too sensitive; these are really regards affirming your developing power. Perhaps this individual is for once witnessing true freedom in another and is resentful of the imprisonment they have placed on themselves. It is natural to become stirred up when we grasp the richness that life always offers. In these opportunities it is best to stay conscious of the purpose of your journey and extend gratitude to those who witness our power. While continuing being an example of the orgasmic empowerment others will naturally be drawn to you, as you have become a source of wealth and light.