No String for Easy Removal

Removing your Yoni Egg requires you to be patient, poised, and confident. You cannot remove your Yoni Egg under stress or doubt because it tenses the canal and locks the egg in place, preventing it from exiting. Stress causes your energy to be stagnant and inactive. Relaxing your mind relaxes your vaginal muscles. Only through relaxation will your muscles soften and melt open, causing your egg to descend.

Yoni Eggs move in relationship to your Yoni’s energetic circulation, or lack thereof. Your emotions determine the motion of your egg. For example, if your egg falls out often, this may signal your life force energy leaking out. On the opposite side, if your Yoni Egg does not come out easily, this may be a sign that your body is holding on to some emotion, pain, or memory that is causing you tension and your egg to be stuck.

Learning the movement of your egg is learning the movement of your body. The daily movements of your egg inside your Yoni develops vaginal muscle memory with time, which embeds a unique type of vaginal intuition that instinctively knows how to cajole the egg. Similar to the muscle memory of choreographed dance moves, you don’t need to cognitively think about them; your body remembers. This vaginal muscle memory may take years to develop. But when it does, it lends itself epically during sexual penetration, vaginal birth, and even the menstrual cycle.

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