My Morning Yoni Yoga Ritual

The Importance of Proper Breathing!

“Breathing is usually an automatic process, but of all the automatic functions it is the most easily brought under voluntary control. Thus it is the bridge between the conscious and subconscious workings of our body/mind.”

  • Jewel in the Lotus, Sunyata Saraswati & Bodhi Avinasha


Breathing is the vehicle of vital life force energy! Vital life force energy is the vigor required for our mighty orgasms! Every single breath contains an enormous amount of life force energy that is ours for the picking. Quality breathing, such as deep inhales all the way to our Yoni emerges into quality living. Taking in as much life force energy during each inhale is the foundation to creating optimal surges of orgasmic energy.

Yoni breathing creates orgasmic health for women. 

Consistently inhaling an abundance of life force energy increases our capacity and reservoir of Chi. Soon we are receiving so much energy within each breath that we easily erupt with orgasmic force. We prepare our reservoir of internal energy by breathing all the way down into our Yoni and being grateful for each breath, allowing us to receive it in greater amounts!

Conscious breaths prepare a juicy foundation for our vitality. Breathing in slowly and deeply not only calms our body but increases the amount of energy we are capable of circulating. Our aura stretches tall and our body’s vibration slows down. When our auric field expands it allows our sensual perception to pick up on all the juiciness that sounds us. When our body’s vibration slows down it reduces the speed at which we age, allowing our body to preserve itself longer with greater health.

Being immersed in each breath is being immersed in the moment. This state of being softens any defense we have. When we surrender into the relaxation and pleasure. Receiving and giving our breath we naturally open up more and feel deeper parts of ourselves. This is form of breathing leads us to orgasmic being. Orgasmic breathing is fully feeling the exhilaration of our breath. During orgasmic breathing we feel each moment for the stimulation it arouses. Therefore, inhaling as deep, slow, and often as possible inspires what use to be an ordinary moment into a ravishing one.

Make love with your breath!

While fully breathing for the first time, we will notice how that our breath has the power to increase whatever emotions we are experiencing. This is possible because our breath is the circuit to our energy system. Therefore, if we are feeling bliss, inhaling deeper and exhaling slowly allows us to empower this sensation more while allowing us to savor it longer. The converse is true too, if we are feeling a negative vibration, our breath our breath is more than likely shallow and contributing to our frustration. By breathing slowly and receiving the Prana, we can shift any feeling into one of light.

Our breath is our connection to all life. It is in fact the vehicle used to sustain life! When we inhale and embrace the essence that sustains life we empower our own life. In order for every cell in our body to function, it requires the consistent potency carried held in the ethers. This potent essence that freely floats throughout the Universe is Prana.

Prana is vital life force energy. We can see the illuminating specks of Prana throughout the sky when our perception is unfiltered. Prana, is known as Chi. When Prana is consciously directed throughout the entire body, reaching every limb, cell and hair follicle it creates vibrancy that illuminates us from the inside out. Adding the element of orgasm into it elevates us into light, which automatically transmutes energy that does vibrate in accordance to light. Rejuvenating our body’s vibration with quality breathing is a pleasurable into orgasmsic healing!

We direct Prana with Yoni Breathing in this case by incorporating all the senses we possess. This places our attention to not only our body, but also our inner feelings and our inner Light Source that is provides us sensory experience. Honoring our body as it offers us sensual sensations encourages deeper and richer breathing. This manner of breathing is an orgasm in itself when practiced properly and regularly. Inhaling passion, joy, bliss, and peace creates a pathway of openness that flood in divine potential to manifest what we desire, including orgasm.


  • Mindful breathing connects our conscious and subconscious mind
  • Consciously breathing allows for conscious orgasm
  • Prana is the light in each breath
  • Prana is life force energy that fuels our vitality
  • The greater our vitality, the greater our capacity to orgasm
  • Breathing deep, slow, and full stores more energy within our body
  • The greater our reservoir of energy, the greater our orgasm will be
  • Our aura expands with our breath
  • A vast aura is more sensitive to its surroundings
  • Breathing consciously puts us in the present moment
  • Being in the present moment empowers orgasm
  • Being relaxed, receptive, and open allows greater circulation of our breath within our physical and auric body.
  • The fuller our breathing is, the more connected we feel to our environment
  • Our breathing dictates how we feel
  • The emotions we inhale implant themselves within our body
  • The emotions we exhale are offerings to all the entities around us
  • Our breath is a universal symbol of our connectedness to all life
  • Our breath is an offering we nurture our environment with
  • Orgasmic breathing heals the planet

Affirm with Feeling

  • “I Inhale the Divine Intelligence that Enlightens my Spirit and Rejuvenates my Body!”
  • “Each Breath Repairs my Body and Nourishes my Soul!’
  • “I Am the Breath that Flows throughout All forms of Life.””
  • “My Breath is the Heartbeat of Life.”
  • “My Exhale Allows me to Release Orgasmic Energy into my Environment”
  • “I only Inhale those Emotions which serve my Greater Good!”
  • “I only Exhale those Emotions which serve the Greater Good!”
  • “I Consciously Direct my Orgasmic Chi using the Power of my Breath!”
  • “I Am a Source of Bright Prana that Illuminates the World.”
  • “I offer each Breath as a Supportive Contribution to the Collective Consciousness.”
  • “I Express my Love, Compassion, Joy, and Passion through my Breath.”
  • “My Breath Pulsates Rhythmically throughout my Body!”
  • “I Honor the Source of Creation by Inhaling the Life Force that Created Me.”

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