Stop hurting other women. It only hurts everyone, plus you.

Monique is coming out talking about significant issues relating to women’s respect in the Hollywood-financial-realm. Two of her biggest complaints about patriarchal Hollywood (an institution historically known to disenfranchise women financially and sexually) is that:

  1. Oprah exploited her childhood trauma of incest and molestation allegedly for profit and viewership.
  2. she has not been paid appropriately nor equally for her work.   

Living empowered includes honoring – not demonizing your female sexuality and that of others. Monique is saying “we’re enough” and “we’re valuable” talking about women-worldwide getting paid like it. I really believe these two issues come down to one main issue facing women, respect. Something I have learned from being taken advantage of because I was a young naive woman, is that we must immediately (like training a dog) take action. Do not allow a moment to go by without you correcting the issue and imposing your wisdom. That is what women are suppose to so, of course, it can be done in a feminine-charm type of way too, like “You know that’s not right” and calling it out and then demanding for what you do want, like “I need an appropriate course of action taken to correct the situation, such as…”. Then tell them specifically with a smile, you know yoni-grace.

Now when it comes to woman-to-woman exchange, channel all your insecurities towards your grateful-eye (third-eye) that caught those areas within yourself that need growth. Direct this insight towards yourself and other women – share it! Healing-support for yourself and other women can be fun and creative, like “I see you know what you’re doing” or “I like your way of carrying and expressing yourself”, whatever 🙂 

Although I understand women’s equal right’s movement, I truly believe we are worth more than equal. In fact, we are worth more than what could ever be paid to us. As the cultivating vessel and source of our population, women must elevate themselves beyond the value of social-media dilemma and objectification. 

Productivity, consumerism, and the technological revolution (similar to the industrial revolution, which bred innumerable injustices to women and children), is why society attempts to masculinize women into the workforce and get them to be “good-little-tax-payers” for the 1%.

Another unfortunate article describes a scenario between established, Hollywood women are one of Goop’s Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart. I do believe that the natural allure of women, plus if there is two of them together, draws attention – if it’s controversial – keep your skeptical eye open. 

Integrity issues between women are real. Stop sponsoring these issues with your views and clicks. That is adding to the destruction of women, which is the destruction of society, ultimately. 

Women remaining in integrity together, despite being friends…

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