Men’s Sexual Empowerment

“The first and most important task of any self-cultivator, regardless of his chosen tradition or practice, is to either maintain or revitalize his health. Good health is rooted in a person’s sexual energy and capabilities. This does not mean that a person must be sexual to be in good health, by that each person is designed biologically to be sexual and the very fabric of our physical well-being is based on our ability to be sexually active.”

The Sexual Teaching of the Jade Dragon
-Hsí Laí
“When man understands his anatomy, he can learn how to take advantage of his best traits. Feeling self-assured about his penis affects just about everything he does. When a man accepts himself for who he is and discovers there are several things beyond size that can make him a good lover, he can develop his sexual skills in much more fulfilling ways. Most importantly, he must go beyond his own gratification and use his natural abilities to improve the quality of his love skills.”
The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka
Amara Charles

Similar to women’s sexual empowerment, men must realize that their power lies in consciously circulating their lingam’s energy to their entire body, including their etherial body (auric space) as it is pungent with regenerative power. Penis power can be practiced in many ways, and the most foundational is through deep breathing to the lingam and sperm retention. There are an infinite amount of benefits that can spiral from a man’s rooted lingam power. If we break down the benefits into four parts (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) then it is easier to understand the necessity for men’s sexual empowerment!

Greater enlightenment awaits when both men and women become sexually empowered!

Physical Benefits

We can use our libido to measure our physical health. Cultivating a sexually empowering lifestyle allows a man’s ching (sexual energy) to last longer meaning his erections and overall stamina will surplus. This stamina is not limited to sexual activity but is a boosted energy that is carried throughout life. Men who physically benefit form sexual empowerment will never need medication to achieve erection even when they become significantly older because their body’s channels are use to circulating more blood flow to the penis, which is what creates an erection.

Sperm retention empowers a man physical body. When a man learns to preserve his seed or ejaculation he can now circulate the restorative power of his seed to his vital life organs, which is what heals and repairs him. After practicing sperm retention over time his body can now orgasm freely without ejaculation. He can now enjoy the freedom of soaring higher sexually due to his lingam discipline.

Because men have not empowered their sexuality through sperm retention, women have had to carry the burden of harming their bodies through pregnancy pills, which reduce their libido, increase anxiety and disconnect them from their greater sensibility. Women who feel safe with a man who she knows has penis control is not concerned about pregnancy and can therefore let go sexually more.

Mental Benefits

Once a man has become sexually disciplined and can control his ejaculation his will power will increase. His will power will enhance his mental stamina as well so he can create grounded decisions and be more focused on his missions in life. Women who are sexually empowered will naturally work harder to experience your seed as she may be testing you to measure your strength and endurance. Allow her erotic energy to stimulate and strengthen him more by now giving up.

Conserving his seed as oppose to ejaculating creates habits of discipline and control over his base chakras (survival, sexuality, and will power). Becoming attentively focused on his partner’s energy will allow his to guide her more efficiently into orgasmic ecstasy. Also placing his attention solely on his partner removes the attention from his penis’s desire to ejaculate. If he prematurely ejaculates his partner cannot grow sexually, as ejaculation causes a man’s energy to dramatically plummet, causing all erotic play to stop.

Emotional Benefits

Men who have penis control realize that they also have emotional control. Conversely, men who practice sperm retention allow their female partner to open up deeper emotionally and release more sexually. Over time she becomes more sensually awakened and orgasmic because now she can progress deeper within the sensations and flow with greater power. He can now follow her increasing sexual expansion and direct his penis with better accuracy. He is now learning to stay focused and centered in his lingam.

Lack of emotional will power reflects a man’s inability to manifest his goals because his sacral chakra (emotional center) is excessively indulgent and the energy is not being directed and is unconsciously dispersed. Constant ejaculation promotes emotional indulgence and does not strengthen his endurance level for sexual union. Men in this category often become overwhelmed by a woman’s sexual intensity and become insecure, intimated, or shut down altogether, making substantive connection harder to achieve.

Spiritual Benefits

Once a man is totally empowered in his lingam he is able to follow his sexual energy into deeper enlightenment of self, partnership and Universal wisdom. Being this grounded allows his lingam to be centered on optimizing the sexual experience while his consciousness soars with his partners in union. It is easier to cultivate more authentic and harmonious relationships when he can trust his Spirit into the deeper truths of his sexuality.

Trusting our sexual energy to guide us spiritually allows us to dance eloquently during sexual play. Our intuitive faculties become stronger and we effortlessly glide symbiotically as one. Our partner’s energy becomes ours and we intertwine with open hearts and ascend higher in love, acceptance, and gratitude. We receive and give abundantly to our partner and experience sexual and spiritual abundance as our energetic channels (nadis) open more and allow greater flow to channel through.

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