Men in relationships

Since doing my Lingam Breathing and Yoga sessions with men, and surveying them about their sexual tendencies like porn and ejaculation habits, I learned a lot! Plus, the nature of these Lingam sessions are intimate so they would share with me their intentions and needs. Let me tell you, it really saddens my heart to know we are not getting fed the adequate amount of love we need to be a strong individual.

Of course, I do not believe we need another person to be strong, but I do believe that we need authentic and honest relationships to keep us stable and grounded. I learned that men were leaping to porn to escape from their world and get some pleasure ejaculation. The problem is that it became excessive and denatured their potency with cumming.

They really are craving for love but have so many blockages in the way; many are ideologies about how love can exist in their life…it has to fit a certain way or not at all. This limitation represents an insecurity they cannot accomplish or satisfy the goal. But they can…

When men do not heal their insecurities, they can throw them onto their woman in a relationship. For example, telling her indirectly or directly to change her outfit, stay home, be less seen, less mobile, more obedient. He needs to control something to get his sense of security and control together.

A lot of men are dying for love but their limiting beliefs block them from receiving a woman’s love. Men are afraid of being taken advantage of or sullied by a woman so they will be extra protective and more likely to argue and be in charge of what is “right” and “wrong” in the relationship. This is how men block their ability to love, by over-compensating for an insecurity that they are not loveable, or worthy.

Unfortunately, men will continue to end their relationships from going deeper, and growing together out of fear of actually receiving the love they need to be self-actualized in their role as a man. For example, actually supporting a woman’s self-actualized needs empowers his self-actualized needs…that book, that video, that class you want to accomplish is more attainable when you care for your Goddess needs.

I stopped working with men doing lIngam breathing sessions for many reasons. But a lot of men, more than you know, suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) after years of chasing the highs of ejaculation and/or drugs. If a man has ED it is very hard for him to fully be vulnerable with his woman because he cannot achieve penetration with her. But since the past few months I have started working with you, Kings again. I truly love this work. if you are genuinely interested you can work with me here.