Meeting Tony Robins

Sharing Compassion

I had a deep, transformative experience at Tony Robbin’s event in LA, October 2017. Moments before Tony stepped on stage I was already in the front section, when all of a sudden the woman next to me snarled, “Don’t stand so close to my husband”.

This was packed event so we were all standing close to each other, and I didn’t notice her husband the way she was intimated about. I immediately felt defensive but realized, this is not about me – this is about her insecurity and false fear.

I have been practicing the art of compassion, so I looked at her and said, “You know what, you are a gorgeous woman and you need to know that!” She was so shocked she was speechless and I felt that I transcended my ego in a moment to make a difference. It felt good not to react and to give her the direct medicine she was yearning for.

So ladies, if you ever come across this experience with another woman who is depleted in self-love – do not take it personally. For the sake of our positive energy, shine your divine feminine light on her!

I am so excited for the opportunities Tony Robbins offers at his live events. They are jam-packed with so much action-oriented, goal-setting! I really appreciated meeting him and being presented with the opportunity of ab see the women’s true desires of longing to feel acknowledged for her beauty.