Are we killing our own kind?

We need to stop killing our own kind. Nipsey was killed by someone in his own neighborhood. This article is about how my mission of women’s sexual empowerment almost died at the steak of women. A community I have attempted to build up since a decade ago.

I admit that I didn’t know Nipsey Hussle’s music a week ago as much as I do today. Listening to his message of grinding, not stopping, and making positive change in our community is what has re-inspired me to start my Yoni Egg business again.

If we don’t talk about our problems and bring light to them, great leaders in our community will continue to die at the feet of their people. Everything I share with you here is in the spirit of healing this awful divide we have in the women’s community. Just like with Yoni Breathing, you got to moan loud and proud or else that energy can get stuck and create disease.    

So, when moving across the country after being served a gag-order from my ex (worse than a divorce) I moved to Nevada because there is no state income tax here or winter! Here is here I re-branded Graceful Empowerment to Yoni Grace, LLC. During the day I would try my best to float above water but deep down I was dying inside.

This cross country transition was most depressing because I felt so alone. I moved to no family or friends and on top of it all I felt like I couldn’t really speak my truth of what happened in my relationship that I felt would ultimately set me free.

After about nearly two years of brutal crying and depression I started my Vaginal Voice Foundation and nonprofit to help me have the fortitude to share my story and give voice to other women who also suffered from sexual trauma, rape, drug abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse and ultimately legal and systematic disproportionate of power that often exists between men and women that permit these injustices.

Since the beginning of my Yoni Breathing and Yoni Egg mission back in 2011, I have hired over 30 women as either packaging or email assistants. Half of these women truly betrayed trust in significant ways like attempting to steal my company, having to take them to court, not returning keys, stealing Yoni Eggs, pretending to do work, being hours late daily. But the lying to the police saying I was trying to kill myself. I was so humiliated when the cops came to do a suicide check on me. Massive betrayal of trust, to say the least.

Then the Vice President and Secretary of, The Vaginal Voice Foundation missed meetings and wouldn’t try to reschedule them so I really thought about it and felt it as best to let them go too. They both immediately got vindictive and said they were going to tell everyone that I deserve to be alone and depressed and that I am just money hungry and that I don’t care about anything else.

At this point I was really feeling targeted by the same women I was trying to lift up. My real community knows how much I give away for free and all of these women were given so much and provided even my home to sleep at when they needed it, to only be betrayed later.

So when I shared with you in a previous video I was starting my own Yoni Egg manufacturing company, it was out of true genuine love for the crystal-crafting and the sacred sexual healing that would come from them. But after dealing with so much emotional betrayal from women – many of them very close friends, I was for the first time confused about why I was doing this work in the first place.

This is really what happened with my Yoni Egg business and I am so sad to report it but in order to heal it we must know the problem exists. I am shining light on it in honor of other leaders who have been targeted by their people like Nipsey Hussle and Dr. Sebi, please google more about these great men and their legacy and let us lift up our community builders and support the mission!!!

Controlling our inner demons is vital. Being triggered is natural, but channeling that pain appropriately is why we were given consciousness of choice. Using our consciousness to control our impulses allows us not to hurt those who may trigger us. Most times our pain has nothing to do with the other person, but more to do with how we honor the release of that hurt.

I love each and every one of these women, truly. Although they really did hurt me, the only way to stop karma from repeating the cycle is by letting go of the emotional connection to them. Remembering the experience without pain is true forgiveness, as Celia Cruz put it famously in her songs. I hope we can all learn to really uphold our sisters and see them as ourselves. That’s the true oneness. That is how we will persevere and come out front with building our community.  

8 thoughts on “Are we killing our own kind?”

  1. Unfortunately this is where we are in time. There is a saying “hurt people…. hurt people” as in others. Society sets us women up in particular to to jealous, envious and always in competition with one another through marketing of images of what’s beautiful and what is not. What is successful and what is not. What is deemed worthy and what is not. It works, we fall right into the trap. We (women & minorities) are easy targets. How can you genuinely love another when we haven’t even learned to love ourselves? So as with you, Nipsey and so many others who call to unity and love become preyed upon by your own. We all have to work on ourselves. It is nothing wrong with promoting good in your tribe, but always be mindful the very people you’re calling are HUMANS. Humans are flawed. Always protect your energy & safety first and foremost. There will be those you can help and those you can not. Grace you are a wonderful person and I’ve benefited so much from your business. May light and peace rain over you! May we all learn to uplift one another instead of tear each other down!

  2. Wow. I’m sorry all of this happened to you. Makes me wonder if it’s a typical experience of digging deep into one’s personal wounds and doing A LOT of intense energy work. I’ve been having similar, yet different experiences with people close to me while I’ve undertaken reiki. The lack of support feels huge when you’re starting out, and my gosh does it force you to set boundaries! I’ve been pulling in and reevaluating for sure. Hiring the support of a mentor has been expensive but has definitely helped me. Some days feel more challenging than others, and I am definitely cheering you on!

  3. Thank you so much for the support and for speaking out about getting your own support through mentorship 🙂 SO happy about that!!

  4. In the words of the comment above me: Wow. I’m so sorry to hear about everything you’ve been put through. To emerge from the broken down walls of what was once your castle, time and time again, like a phoenix. I’m inspired by your dedication to continue climbing the mountain that is life, as well as your ability to speak about your struggles with such an open heart. There’s so much power in your voice and I’m truly grateful to be on the receiving end of your messages. May I ask what your zodiac sign is? I plan to share your blog on my Twitter! May you continue to thrive and blossom beautifully. Much love and blessings to you, Grace. <3

  5. We are warriors. We bend but dont break. When others hurt us it is because they themselves. We’ve been conditioned by the powers that be to live in doubt, fear, and insecurity. Waking up into enpowerment and love will birth a new epoch in humanity. This is what we fight for; love, creative expression, and spritiual freedom. Sexual empowerment is a HUGE component. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you my fellow warrior Goddess!

  6. Goddess, thank you so much for sharing!! Of course, you can share this and I do feel like a Pheonix but I am proud to an advocate for women 🙂 Yoni Love!!! BTW, I am a Leoooooo <3

  7. I apologize that that has been your experience goddess, being in the ministry of assisting and inspiring others to heal especially our own communities to heal often leaves us women In a vulnerable state because we open ourselves as a vessel, but often times when it’s the forefront of the journey intentions can be and feel totally pure…. it isn’t until temptation becomes more visible that the true nature of the original energy can shift. Unfortunately this could be a natural needed shift to reveal the truth, this awakening could benefit one or both.. but unfortunately it’s necessary. I’ve been blessed to come into contact with a group of goddesses who are absolutely about, collaborating, community over competition, building my sis up, loving and embracing the beauty in each in every woman, and assisting one another to tap into that divine energy. I invite, and welcome you to be apart of this sacred healing tribe. 🙏🏾✨🔆🌱

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