Is shaking our ass classy or trashy?

I love this video commentary about how alpha women and beta women act. How they are so different and determine how respected we are by ourselves or another. That is why I stopped shaking my ass on YouTube. Isn’t that funny, I have been there too. I really fell in love with my body after I was healed of my eating disorder. I couldn’t go one meal without anxiety and that was healed. No more of it, so if I embrace my body and how I naturally am, that’s an issue? It’s not, but it’s why we do it, if we really just feel so amazing we have to share it, we should!

But if we feel like we need some social validation or else we will cave, that is the difference. I realized after my big breakup and then moving to the west coast that I was hurt. I literally found myself isolated from others and closed off because I was healing from my way super trauma, gag-order break up. Like how would I continue being a woman’s advocate? So I stayed quiet, scared, and withdrawn from you, my Yoni community. While shaking my ass I felt I was empowering myself but I was really disconnecting myself more. I had to speak out once and for all…

How can I voice my true self if I cannot even fully talk about one of my biggest lessons in life – that I survived an attorney-pimp, you know who I’m talking about. Some of you have been abused by him too. You email me and reveal his name. Because he is a covert narcissist, I rather not make this article about who he is, he is a predator and even he knows it now. No more running away sir.

I am sorry for all the women who have been hurt by my predator. It, unfortunately, does not surprise me you have been hurt by him too. I was a young and naive twenty-two year old at the time and after healing from my torture of mental abuse, I too was able to come out after three years of being able to cry as much as my heart needed to really come out shining. I know we say not to cry and give them your energy, but I have felt when I really cry, I feel lighter and more at peace with how everything is, and I am more likely to keep moving and improving myself and my craft. And this gives me self-esteem!

Our predator will not get the best of us, and we shall soar with our self-development, and realization even stronger than before.

I love Shallon Lester on YouTube! She speaks strongly about women’s self-esteem and confidence. She makes a comparison of “warm” and “cold” blooded animals or women in this case. She says “cold” blooded animals are dependant on others, while “warm” blooded animals depend on themselves to survive/regulate their temperature. Her conversation here below hits home as they usually do.

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