How to Use the Yoni Egg: CHAPTER 1

Special Excerpt: How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing

Yoni Eggs help build a woman’s sexual desire and her ability to have a vaginal orgasm. It’s different than a clitoral orgasm, which is what most women experience.

Most women do not vaginally orgasm on a regular basis. This is likely because our society does not bring attention to the importance of working a woman’s vaginal neuro-network for her mental and emotional health. Also, many work positions require constant sitting, so the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles weaken and atrophy.

A woman builds onto her ability to vaginally orgasm when using Yoni Eggs because the Yoni Egg moves within her canal, and not beyond her cervix, stimulating the slits and creases to awaken!

It is normal to not physically feel the Yoni Egg inside. However, it is normal to experience greater orgasmic pleasure vaginally when regularly using the Yoni Egg.

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