Healing Period Pain

Healing Period Pain

Since practicing how to properly use my orgasmic energy for illumination, I experience way lighter periods and less pain! Plus, I can now get the true benefit of this intensely sensitive time (more on this throughout the reading). The day my period arrives is my most sensitive day. On these sensitive days I have learned the benefit of consciously directing the sensations to soothe cramps, emotional swings, etc.. or else those sensations easily become uncomfortable.

Women who value their sensitive nature will always be more connected to the intricacies that occur during their menese. This is because when we use our consciousness more keenly we feel the energy more intimately. Our periods are no exception, and this deeper consciousness actually is the catalyst to menstrual enlightenment.

Our period is a delicate process that requires our conscious assistance.

This previous cycle I received my beloved period pains during a jazz concert where I was accompanied by three gentlemen, one of whom was my partner. During the concert I was fortunate enough to be sitting in a corner seat where it was favorably dark. It was an optimal location because I had to get extra vulnerable with myself to induce the proper care I knew I needed. I unbuttoned my pants so I would not have any contractions on my womb area, and then began gently moving the palm of my right hand clockwise around my belly. These simple strokes immediately helped me to transfer the pain into pleasure! I was really grounding the energy into an alternative sensation that was more desirable. I could tell I had so much energy circulating inside my womb, it was actually feeling orgasmic. I was amazed at how such a simple method created a space for inner serenity.

I continued to enjoy the concert while oscillating my right palm over my womb and I realized my back posture fixed itsef to a 125 degree angle, which gave my womb more surface space to breathe. I noticed while applying these practical techniques that my breathing got extra deep and sensual. These were my hormones, estrogen and progestrone soothing me into bliss. I also began exhaling the sensations from a deeper place, which felt like I was purging the pains out. Again fortunately, I was in a concert where I knew I could not make anyone feel too uncomfortable because no one could hear me, although I would have not let this be a threat to the care I needed.

We must value our care over the potential insecurities of others!

Don’t be shy…

Infuse love into your most sensitive places! 

I am blessed to have attracted a partner who embraces my period sensitivities as an optimal time for love making. This has truly become a monthly medicine for the both of us! I have become introduced to the power of menstrual orgasms as another form of women’s empowerment! How amazing is it that we get to have a few days out of the month where we are extra sensitive and orgasmic. Plus, the shape of the phallus’s head helps to gently scrape out our period fluids, creating shorter periods.

During my menstrual seasons I have experienced some of the most earth shattering orgasms! These orgasms are those that I feel the most because my Yoni is ultra receptive. These orgasms are more of like orgasmic implosions, rather than explosions. My body shivers with soft ripples of loving energy that helps me to feel the pleasure of my pain.

Our feminine vehicle houses an immense amount of energetic potential!

Depending on how we choose to experience this energy will shape the sensations we feel.

Embrace Your Emotions!

This previous period I noticed I was exceptionally emotional. I have learned on this journey of feminine empowerment that I receive my biggest lessons when I embrace my emotions. As oppose to suppressing my emotions to fit into a patriarchal culture that is still attempting to understand femininity and emotions. Embracing our emotions does not mean we have the right to be selfish, but self-centered with our feelings. Being self-centered with what we feel, especially during our menses is a vital component to an enlightened period. Being emotionally consciousness blossoms unique clairvoyance and self-empowerment.

I found myself crying four times the day my period arrived. I felt myself naturally pulling the outside world inward in a warm and maternal way. I was receiving messages through a simple conversation or a unique stare and it was ultra penetrating to my soul. I would cry at the meaning of all these messages. These sensations are what reminds us of how special we are as women. Our periods offer us elaborate experiences, that to shun them away is a catastrophe.

How can you begin honoring your magical time of the month?