Meeting Brother Cornell West

I was most embarrassed and shy when meeting, Dr. Cornell West, an emotion that doesn’t overtake me often. I was at a Bernie Sander’s campaign that I was attending to support this candidate’s message of running the country for working-class people!…such as myself. I wanted to go to this campaign because I’ve been quiet helping Soldier’s of Pole with opening a chapter here in Las Vegas, NV – they are a union for strippers in Los Angeles. Since moving here I have dipped my toe in this passionate profession I have grown to love and be terribly troubled with…I’ll explain later (it’s juicy). Bernie Sanders supports unions! So at this campaign was the dear brother, Dr. Cornell West. My weekly ritual on Sundays has been absorbing and synthesizing his lectures and perfecting my own literature. So you can imagine when meeting him at an over-packaged venue as he’s turning away, I got coked up and only could bust out my request for a quick-pic. I feel like I kinda shoved, whether gentle or not, the goodie-bag I made him that included my book, and the letter I had written to all the strippers in Las Vegas – posted below! I walked away after that eight-second exchanged blushing and palpitating. Interestingly enough I met my beautiful boyfriend there who I am so grateful I was blessed to meet. I think my

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