Bio Hacking the Planet

Recently I attended a Biohacking the Planet Conference in Oakland. I believe it was their second conference and I was so excited to be there. At first, the term biohacking didn’t make sense to me.  I didn’t know what it meant in regards to the planet, although I understood the concept of hacking into something. But being present with so many intelligent people working hard in the world to make progress with human development, using science,  I came to understand what biohacking the planet meant through what I do.

I didn’t know I was a biohacker of the planet. But how using earth’s crystals vaginally is biohacking at its finest, right? I mean I never considered myself to be a biohacker. But I pride my mission of female orgasmic empowerment on the notion of using pure, unadulterated crystal for enhancing vibratory stimulation and strength vaginally.

Some speakers discussed, genetic engineering, biotechnology, transhumanist alternatives, and the one that stood out the most was implanting magnets into their fingertips for greater sensitivity in their hands – although I was left to wonder if such implants desensitize more than not.

Hamilton Morris was my favorite speakers and secretly the reason why I drove from Vegas to Oakland to attend. He discussed many things such as his advocacy for experimentation and of both bioengineered and organic drugs and not having too much regulation behind it to encourage more discovery and findings.

As someone who is not credentialed in the traditional sense, although I have done loads of fieldwork, I am grateful for this group of people who come tother and share their research and information they have acquired that inspires so many of us. I am definitely going back next year 

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