Are women too masculine?

Recently I’ve noticed lots of men complaining on YouTube saying women aren’t feminine anymore. They say that seeing a feminine woman is seeing a unicorn. They use images of white starlets from black and white movies who starved themselves thin before it was known that was an eating disorder.

The unfortunate limitation of men is that he is too visual and is basing his idea of femininity on his mere sight. Men are scientifically proven to use fewer senses in comparison to women. So to identify a feminine woman from a man’s perspective is to only see her superficially. So if you believe women are too masculine, I argue to open up your idea of what femininity is and what cultivates true femininity. This article is all about how femininity lays in a woman’s heart. So  men you want more feminine women, ask, “how can I know her heart?, it will motivate her femininity to immediately blossom.

Women are practically walking compasses. We are connected to the rhythms of the earth, our menstrual and ovulation cycles depend on this connection to be feminine and healthy. This connection is her superpower. Women, unlike men, can hear and intuit information from a vast scope of sensory stimulation – newborn babies depend on this acute skill to be nourished and cultivated them optimally. This sensory skill is dependant on her level of openness and receptivity in her environment. In order for her to be open and receptive, she MUST…MUST…MUST feel c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y safe! I cannot say this enough. In reality men, you are walking into her world if you are to truly perceive her femininity completely.

Women must cultivate their own heart and this means knowing when to place boundaries, which requires her to indeed have some developed masculine energy to know when to say, “no” and be assertive.

An open-woman is an open heart. I argue that you cannot know a woman as feminine in a casual exchange. To know a woman’s heart takes penetrating beyond a superficial demeanor. Find out the story of her heart. To open a woman’s heart, you must have an open heart yourself, there is no other way. The spirit of her femininity is a little girl. Not all men are prepared for the sacred journey. It requires him to be consistent, patient, non-reactive and totally dedicated to a woman’s heart. A woman’s heart can greatly awaken a man to be more present and want to protect her. Men, here is where the miscommunication comes in with women, we are grateful you protect us through material means, but we need you to protect our heart – it is of priority in intimate relationships.

Cultivation of true femininity appears witchy, deviant, suspect, and mystical to our counterpart’s simple senses. For example, many of us women look up at the moon to know when our period is coming. We may need to rock back and forth, massaging our tummies while moaning to ease the period pain. We may go cross-eyed during the climax because we are in a state of trance. We go into a state of trance in orgasm and vaginal birth. Please understand men that these practices were seen as highly threatening to the religion and old-school patriarchy. Women have been historically mutilated for practicing the full scope of her femininity, not to mention female genital mutilation and being called witches when we were really midwives and herbalist.

Women’s abundance of fatty tissue and moist vaginal cave stores so much memory and awareness, that still remembers these egregious experiences on a biological level. So she intuitively knows she can never be 100% feminine in the public eye because she would indeed appear to be a unicorn and she will be immediately perceived as crazy. If you don’t think so, imagine a woman staring up at the clouds humming and chanting words, while having her eyes closed. In public it would just seem unfortunately strange. 

So men, please understand this corporate, governmental, bureaucratic, residually religious concrete jungle is not the safest for 100% raw feminine energy. Men, please open your heart despite a woman’s close-heart. There is likely shame and confusion of how to “appropriately” express the fullness of her raw femininity in moments of emotion for her, that is why she must know she can trust you to expose you to that side of her. Especially, in a culture that still demonizes overt female sexual expression, which is an overt feminine expression.

Women become too masculine when they overly protect their heart. Usually a closed heart in a woman means a closed Yoni (vaginal cave). The heart’s reflexology point in the vaginal canal (under the cervix) opens the vaginal canal deeper when the woman is relaxed and in a full state of trust. If her trust is misused her heart’s reflexology point will not open the same. In fact, sometimes it may capture the pain and therefore feel tender and raw after a heartbreak. Women who have had wide open heart’s take time to open up again, do not judge her for this. I mean, would you want a woman who opens herself wide up again after being disillusioned? No, of course not, be a part of her healing process by being the shepherd to her heart and it will, in turn, feed yours!

Yes, it is true many women have daddy-issues, but that is because her heart more than likely was not a priority for her father. More than likely at some point gentlemen, you may trigger her father-related issues and you must remember at this moment to stand firm and reassure her heart. This is the case if its sexual trauma, abortion, miscarriage, or a painful period. To complain about a lack of femininity in women is to invalidate the reasons she may have closed her heart.

The first thing to know about divine feminine energy is that it is so open it suctions-in energy like a black-hole or ovulating vagina. To be open or fertile to this extent is to be feminine. I agree men need a higher ratio of open-hearted women to men in order to keep men balanced and less war-like and destructive. However, just because you have a feminine woman today does not mean you have a feminine woman tomorrow. So consistently commune with her heart, it will guide you to her feminine side and you will be healing her in ways that only a true, authentic man can!

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  1. Thank you, Grace. You have reaffirmed my inner truth and reminded me to honour and love my feminine heart, at a time when I was beginning to doubt myself. This is a wonderful article for men to read. I feel very grateful for your ability to share this so widely. It is a relief to read it myself, and may it bring clarity to the masculine that is struggling to understand the feminine. X

  2. This is so true… there’s such irony in these men’s comments because if a woman appears to be “masculine” it’s usually to PROTECT herself from some form of patriarchal oppression (healing from sexual trauma, asserting herself in a male-dominated world that sees her as invisible or unworthy, raising children Alone without the fathers help etc). Of course that’s not to say that everything we do is driven by the male gaze, or male influence because it’s not. But to think that women exist in a cultural vacuum and that men never have affect on our presentation is silly.

    If men stop seeing us as an OPPOSITE sex it would help them to understand that femininity can present itself as strong and resilient (like a yoni while birthing). There’s really nothing “masculine” about labor. In fact it’s the epitome of femininity. But western culture insists on making male and female behave as polar oppositions and it’s just not true.

  3. Thank you for this! I’ve always been a feminine woman. This last relationship, i was constantly told how masculine i had become & It was honestly a direct reflection of the poor treatment & feeling unsafe. I closed my heart off. Wow thank you

  4. Great article. Sometimes women are also caused to be more masculine oriented in relation to child-rearing. Especially single mothers and even SAHM’s who are responsible for the lion-share of parenting and discipline.

  5. So true. Men only see what is on the outside of a WOMAN. To truly understand us they need to open their eyes and minds to see the inside. I’ve learned over the years that you cannot judge anyone from the outside. Look inside and truly get to know that person. There truly is good in everyone. We are not here to judge anyone because once we do then we must judge ourselves as well.
    Our hearts are valuable to us and yes we may open them up provided its mutual and the right moment.
    We are not sex objects. We are women who are standing up for ourselves and we are wanting respect and someone who will truly appreciate us!

  6. I absolutely agree. The reason why my heart/femininity has been closed for so long is because of trauma I experienced as a little girl. I became more masculine in order to hide the vulnerability I carried with me. As I grew older, I put on this faux feminism that made me seem like I was allowing some into that vulnerable heart, but it wasn’t genuine at all. My parents were not even allowed to see the true femininity in me. Through reflection, yoni yoga, and allowing trust into my life, I have slowly allowed that child like place to be accessed after being closed for so long. True feminism takes time, love, effort, and stillness.

  7. Mercy, thank you so much for sharing! I feel your pain because it is the pain of so many women who have been hurt. Sending love and light your way.

  8. Thank you for sharing Phylis, we are not sex objects and I agree our hearts are valuable and we shouldn’t judge others who may still be learning how to open their heart up again.

  9. I feel the same, I have always been feminine but recently been more masculine only to protect my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I totally agree that vaginal birth is the epitome and a symbol of feminine strength. Thank you for making this distinction and sharing your views about protecting ourselves in a patriarchal world.

  11. I disagree about vintage starlets because their body types were more natural than our stars today! Wasn’t Marilyn a size 10? Compare that with the rail thin (some naturally thin…some not) models of today.

  12. Oh wow grace, really opened up new detailed insights into the female heart. I am on my journey with a British Jamaican woman, her heart has been hurt, though her nature is still soft and feminine and respectful. I will stick around to be her shepherd, as this is rare. The trauma in the past can dissolve, and she inspires physical protective instincts. I also aspire to protect her heart. I realise I change with her for the better. I become very blissful and easy going, like I’m coming home to something. I tell her how here energy makes me feel as the perceptive man.

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