About Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are egg-shaped crystals used for Womb Wellness. Yoni Eggs, and specifically Jade Eggs, have been used for sexual and spiritual fortification for over 7,000 years. In ancient traditions this powerful practice was used for enhancing sexual and spiritual rejuvenation. Placing the egg in the vaginal canal causes the stone to rest on the pelvic floor muscles. The added weight tones the vagina, along with:

  • Vaginal strength, tightness, and technique.
  • Becoming more orgasmic
  • Enhancing vaginal elasticity
  • Secreting more hormonal nutrients to the vagina
  • Enhancing sexual desire
  • Amplifying body consciousness
  • Increasing vaginal sensitivity
  • Preventing vaginal illnesses
  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication.
  • Elevating sexual energy throughout the chakras
  • Bridging Yoni and mind consciousness
  • Releasing stored trauma
  • Enhancing fertility
  • Birthing practice
  • Soothing and regulating menstruation
  • Receiving the healing energy each crystal

Charging Yoni Eggs

Charging the jade egg with desired prayers and intentions has been a ritualized mediation for many women before they begin their jade egg journey. Yoni breathing into the egg once it is inside the womb releases the desired intentions throughout out the body with energy of love and balance. These meditations are helpful for establishing a deeper connection to the egg and our womb.

These egged-shaped stones vary in size according to personal preference and goals. Large to medium sized stones are usually used for beginners while smaller stones are used for the advanced coordination of vaginal muscle movement. These specific jade eggs have a drilled hole through the middle. While using the suspended string, advanced vaginal exercises can be practiced. These exercises are discussed in greater detail during the women’s workshops.

After thoroughly cleansing the egg before each use, it is helpful to do kegal exercises in conjunction. These practices will intensify a woman’s orgasmic threshold. The uterus begins contracting during the kegal exercises, in a similar manner to orgasm. Orgasm promotes increased blood circulation (which promotes a healthy libido) and the immune boosting hormones that rejuvenate the body.

The egg is not recommended to use during pregnancy or period cycles. However over time, the egg will soothe cramps and lighten cycles.

yoni reflexology

 Because the jade egg rubs the vaginal walls it also rubs the reflexology points that lay along its interior. Then the jade egg caresses onto these powerful reflexology points, it absorbs any imbalances in the body while simultaneously rejuvenating the organs that connect to that region. This empowers the strength and health of not only the vagina, but the entire body.